Perafil Lip Implant Showing/ Poking - New York

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I had perafil lip implants done about a month ago,...

I had perafil lip implants done about a month ago, I understand that they are still healing but I'm kind of concerned about my top lip, Strangley my lips look great and even but I can see one side of the implant and it is not centered, I know this because I can feel and see the end of my top implant, it doesn't reach all the way to the other side of my lip it looks like it only goes to below my nostril. this wouldn't bother me since I look even but when I talk or drink or move my mouth I can see the point of the side trying to poke through my lip.

pros: it's beautiful and permenant

cons: healing takes forever

I did it because I wanted a more permanant, better looking lip aug option, lip imaplnts are smooth and even looking, while injections fade and can sometimes appear a little lumpy or off

Will this eventually settle when I heal fully or do I have to have something done?


After the first post I had to fly back and have the implant replaced, the doctor did it free of charge.
They were great after that but due to personal taste I decided to get them removed. I had just gotten older and my taste in beauty changed, I wanted to look more naturally beautiful so I had them removed. I was just so uncomfortable with how people would look at me and wonder if I had my lips done. When I smiled they looked clearly fake too. The great news is because of the scar tissue, after they were removed my lips actually maintained a little volume, so I now have perfectly sized, natural looking real lips that didn't totally deflate to the small size prior to the implant!
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He was so awesome

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