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Before having a facelift, I researched for 2 years...

Before having a facelift, I researched for 2 years and decided that most people had a good experience and pretty decent results after a few months of issues. I had a facelift primarily to get rid of an extreme sagging neck. I was not opposed to losing a few wrinkles, either. I am prematurely aged due to smoking and sun damage (I do neither anymore!)

My neck is somewhat better but uneven, with one gland being very prominate on only one side, under the jawline. It's pretty obvious,it looks swollen and strange. Assymetrical is an understatement; it's kind of alien, a one side froggy kind of thing.

The wrinkles that had initallly disappeared are back, now that the lift has settled...(7 months post) but they are wierder looking. The wrinkles look "windswept" and these are also pretty obvious and strange.

I have had horrid nerve pain since the procedure, due to the liposuction that was done on the neck. No-one told me there might be this kind of pain or that any post op pain could/might last for this long a time, or be this intense. There have been many days when I was not sure I could get thru. I have also feared for my job, beacuse the pain has been so bad and my job is physical..I did read the huge list of things to expect, and of things that might go wrong: this was not on the list. This is, like I said, not specifically surgical pain but is apparently due to the lipo. The pain covers a large area and I cannot tolerate any touch to any of that area. I cannot wear any clothes that even brush on it; I live in a a cold area but can only wear v necks, no turtlenecks or even crew necks, no regular shirts with collars. If touched unexpectedly,for instance by a child, (I have grandkids) it is just awful.

The pain is a bit less and my surgeon says it should continue to improve over the next 5 months. Also, He has suggested a revision for the neck but I am afraid to have anything more done: at the same time, the current look is very uneven, quite disturbing looking.

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I think he took it all lightly, and did not know what to do about my side effects, which were unusual. rather than say so, he kept suggesting other/more surgery (still is)and suggesting drugs for nerve pain which would undoubtedly result in my losing my job (bad side effects that would clearly effect my job performance)

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