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Everyone tells you the side affects of itching,...

Everyone tells you the side affects of itching, soreness, bruising but no one tells you about paradixical adipose hyperplasia. It's a rare condition where the fat grows rather then dying off. Almost four month post treatment my under bra area, mid section and flanks show signs of firmness, enlargement and soreness. Please speak to your doctor to find out more about this before moving forward.

After a week of going back and forth with getting...

After a week of going back and forth with getting the coolsculpting done I decided to have the upper bra area, mid section and flanks done.. It took two days to have it done as I did three one one side one day and the other three the second day. In total 3.5 hours each day. The process was easy. The doctor took before pics and then had me get comfortable so that she could apply the very cold sheet to the area and then the machine. I watched TV, my sister brought me food and it was a pretty relaxing three hours.

I read about the side effects of the pins and needle feeling which I did endure, the numbness, the out of control itching and some pain and bruising on the area.... but no one told me the side affect of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia which is a growth of fat after coolsculpting is very rare but does happen. so instead of the fat dying off it actually has grown. It's been almost four months and my troubled areas are now very firm and are larger then before I did coolsculpting. It's very uncomfortable feeling as the treated areas are swollen, tender and sore. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a rare, previously unreported adverse effect of cryolipolysis with an incidence of 0.0051%. The only way to get rid of this is having Vase lipo. I am so depressed because my back looks horrible. I have done before and after and the before looks way better. I regret doing this and suggest you all do your homework before getting this done. I would also ask your doctor what approach he would take if you do end up with HAP. I will be going to my doctor to discuss other options. She was also upset at the outcome.
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