22 Y/o 5'1" 107lb 32b with 450cc

All my life I've literally felt like I had a boys...

All my life I've literally felt like I had a boys body. My chest was small and flat and my waist to my hips seemed blocky when you looked at me from the front. I've never felt quite womanly till I started working out and gained significant leg and glute mass but everyone knows you can't gain boobs (or at least in the shape of them pretty fake boobies :) ) so after I saved up enough money from my job I went ahead and got my BA with Dr. Khuthailia whom is a sweetheart who has the best intentions to give you exactly what you want. I love her and her assistant to death for dealing with my neuroticism ???? The thing that's bothering me at the moment is the fact that my right incision left a little blood on the bandage a few days ago and it didn't get worse but it's making me really anxious. Is this an infection?

11 days

I went to my one week (more like 10 day) post op checkup and I got the white elastic band to put over the top of my boobs to help the dropping process! We also figured out that I keep bleeding because when I take the bandaids off the scabs come right off with it as well. Whoops! But the girls are looking big! I was having seeious boobie blues because I was looking at myself and I didn't see the amount of projection nor sideboobage that I was aiming for but I'll have to be patient before freaking out

Severe boobie blues

Even before the surgery I was already really worried I would regret that I went too small and here I am, thinking I did even though the doctor said this would be the biggest to fit my frame according to the pic I wanted to look like (I'll post that here as the first pic) so I kind of broke down really badly yesterday and bawled my eyes out since I was looking at my boobs and I couldn't even imagine how they could get as big as how I wanted them to be but the only thing I can do now is wait and possibly plan for a future surgery which really isn't what I want to do.

I don't know how

I don't know where my before pic went so here's a pic of me in a non padded bikini

3 weeks!

So since I'm obsessive, I measured myself last week and my band size was 26.5" and bust 32". My right boob seems to have widened a bit but now it lost .5-1" and I'm internally screaming like seriously? I have high profile but it doesn't even look like I have any projection. Granted my boobies are still rectangular af so there's that. I'm just still freaking out, just less often about the size of my breasts because they really don't look anywhere near my ideal. Curse my small chest and tight chest muscles


Hey guys! I know I've been AWOL but I've just been having my ups and downs, mostly downs and I'm not very sure if my emotional roller coasters can be blamed on my boobs anymore. Anyways, I still firmly believe (firmly like my boobs are firm) that I'm going to end up needing to get a bigger implant in order to achieve the look that I wanted. I also think maybe the look that I want has changed as well too haha now I feel like it's too small. And I've already gotten used to my boobs as if they've been this size all along which is strange. But anyways here's a few tasteless pics of me in the bathroom at work xD


Like the rest of the RealSelf community, my photos and their lovely captions were NOT posted. I love it.

6.5 week checkup

So I just had my 6 week check up, and I am happy to say that my doctor approved me to get an implant revision and go bigger. I know I know, this is to the dismay of some of you but I am ecstatic and now I don't have daily depression and I'm doing this for me, and I honestly don't really care if my boobs looked better before, or now because that's everyone's own opinion. I'm happy that you all thought I looked good but I need to make this money worth my while and right now the size I'm seeing is what I'm going to end up with (measured with calipers) so I am moving forward with my next procedure. The earliest I can get it is 3 months but I may wait a little longer to stretch out a little more and prepare for the jump. What size am I getting? 800cc UHP. Now before y'all jump off a building, I know the risks. I know that there will be procedures down the line. I'm not forcing anyone else to do this so I feel justified in doing what I'm doing. Anyhoo, feel free to join me on this journey!

Also trying to figure out if I want natrelle or mentor (hopefully my dr can order natrelle because they have a larger diameter)

On another note, the shape and my incisions are doing quite well :) I stretched out on one incision but that will be fixed with my next procedure :)

Almost 4 month update!

Going to be going in to see the doc sometime late January! I'm really bad with remembering so I'll probably email her assistant later. Just updating with a photo and hopefully will soon find out when my new surgery date is! So excited :)

Feb 10 is the day!

It's booked! My revision surgery is on the 10th ! I'm so excited! Thanks for everyone who has been following me and giving me advice, I know to some this may be a mistake but I know what I want, and my body may be perfect in some eyes but not my own. Besides, this isn't what I even originally wanted size-wise anyways! So here are a few pics and wish pics + a video of me pushing them around. Keep in mind I'm relatively young and have been blessed with very tight skin (and it's only been 4 months) so they might not jiggle like those fine jugs that the mothers who have breast fed have ! I hope mine will be like those soon ;-;


How do I upload a video

1day post op!

Hey guys! Thanks so much to everyone who checked in on me to see how I was doing! So far this recovery is so so so much better, my doc just opened the left pocket a little big because I was tighter on that side and there was no releasing of the muscle so I have so much more mobility in my arms and I'm definitely more independent and can move around without the help of the bf :) so that's nice! So far my boobs look not as large as I thought they would be but I can feel my skin is very. Very. Tight haha so I'll see what they look like once they drop! I'm not going to go any bigger either way because I like silicone :) my nipples are still uneven lmao hopefully that settles down :0

Photo update :)

So in case anyone was wondering still I got 800cc UHP under the muscle and this time around with the doctors fee waived and everything the operation was 6500$ :)

What's this?

So my doc said I can wear underwire because my incisions aren't in the crease and I'm not sure if this was here before but in my picture you can see flat spots. Will this go away? I'm not wearing underwires for now in hopes they dissipate.


My boobs don't rly look that huge or overbearing! Do I have the body that just eats up ccs? They look fab ????

Slight tenting

So I have slight tenting in my sternum because my skin on my sides isn't stretching fast enough, so it stretches where it can take it and unfortunately that means my sternum :( so my doc said to try to push it down everyday using my hands or to wear a bra to push it down, so this is what I came up with haha
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