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Hi, I just had my first treatment today. I have...

Hi, I just had my first treatment today. I have never been overweight, and am childless so my skin is firm and taunt. However, turning 48 in 2months and grieving the loss of my mother, 2years ago today, as well as post menopausal Ive been asked on more than one occasion am I pregnant. I have a little baby bump and no baby! So I had to do something, Ive had plastic surgey be4 and was going for lipo, however after the death of mother all my priotities changed. A friend whose daughter is currently taking treatments, and the friend wants them as well recommended it. The daughter has seen amazing results and she is very overweight. So, it was all she wrote.

The needles hurt. A great deal, but I managed it. I'm a little sore now, I did take a pain killer just one. I am wearing a very tight body suit/girdle. Thats not so nice either. My stomach is very swollen, which is a bit of shock. But I know thatswelling is normal for any type of manipulation of the body. I was done by a private health particioner. Even though I have a good body, and do not look my age, I was not so crazy that the particioner I went to, her friends are not above dropping by and promptly disrobing to show they're results. (sigh) I'll tell you this- if I wasn't haven't it done I would have been so depressed!!! PYT with flat tummies, and high round butts. Hiss! Hiss!

However, if you are needle phobic this may not be the route to take. There are many of them. If I had know this, I would have maybe changed my mind. However, its manageable. I go for the massage on Monday. I think this is going to work, I hope so it was a bit of a scacrifice for me. But Im tired of not being able to zip up stuff all the way!

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because of the loose social structure. I wasn't real keen with the coffee clucth atmosphere. Cleaniless, efficency yes. Also its a little far out.

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