Unhappy with Results; Looking for a Breast Revision Specialist

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I chose silicone gel implants for my breast...

I chose silicone gel implants for my breast augmentation. After surgery #1, I ended up with capsular contraction in my right boob. 6 months later I went back to correct the problem and ended up with a softer implant, but it was off center. When I went into my follow up i explained to the doctor that I wasn't happy and pointed out the corrected implant was noticeably off center. He said it was fine and totally blew me off.

Present day- I went in for a consultation considering a downsize (by 50cc's) and he pointed out to me that my boob was off center and needed correcting!

Needless to say I WILL NOT be returning to my previous doctor and am now looking for someone local to do the job right!

I am looking for a breast revision specialist in Manhattan.. PLEASE HELP!!
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I didn't like the way he blew me off after I explained I was unhappy with the results.

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