Still Deciding if Active/Deep Fx Was Worth It - New York, NY

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Late 30's male, had Active/Deep Fx treatment...

Late 30's male, had Active/Deep Fx treatment to my face 10 days ago. At first, everything seemed good- dead skin was coming off, new skin underneath looked incredible. But some skin came off too fast, leaving red patches. Also, now that swelling is completely gone, i see old indents and fine wrinkles on my face that initially seemed to have been removed.

I was out with general anest. so there was no pain for me. Afterwards for a few hours, did have mild burning sensation. THere was perpetual itching for the first few days. A few things to remember: is you have any tendency to break out, use Acquafor, NOT Vaseline post-treatment, and ask your doctor if you should do a short course of antibiotics before treatment.

I believe i am still in the healing process, so i cannot say right now if i am satisfied or not. In a few weeks, i'll update my review.

I am late 30's male. Had Active and Deep Fx treatment full face 10 days ago. Two problems developed: 1) some of the dead skin came off too quickly, leaving deep red patches- this is mostly around jawline. 2) 3 days after the treatment, developed little clusters of tiny pustules that left behind streaks of dried blood right under surface of skin. Is there anything to do about this?

Update: 1/28/11 One year later, and for me NOT...

Update: 1/28/11
One year later, and for me NOT GOOD. Oh what a big mistake. If i could go back one year, i would NEVER EVER EVER have done this. The scars are all still on the face, and now there is a mask of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation basically all over my face. The distress this has caused is unbearable. I asked the doctor before we did this if there was the possibility i could wind up looking worse- he said NO WAY. He was wrong.

I just can't even believe how awful this turned out for me. I hope others have had a better experience, i really do.

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