Just Got my BBL Today - 24 Years Old Asian 4'11 at 105 Lbs - Dr Daniel Del Vecchio - New York, NY

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Hello everyone, I literally just had my BBL this...

Hello everyone,
I literally just had my BBL this morning and I decided to share my journey with you all. So I chose Dr Daniel Del Vecchio ( he's in Boston & NYC ) because a girlfriend of mine got her done twice with him. He's very nice , friendly and funny as well. He was very confident when I first saw him because I was unsure about me not having enough Fat. He said he can suck any fat out of me and contour my body. This was back in Aug and then I kept doing more research and decided to have it done Dec 7th. I changed my date like 3 times. Anyway, I'm a foodie so I eat everything and all the time Lmaoo but I think it's in my gene that I am natural petite so I couldn't really gain weight. Mind you, after seeing Dr Vecchio, I started to eat even more even at night after I come back from going out and go straight to sleep lol.

So I was just very nervous because everyone on her kept saying oh gain weight blah blah and I didn't want to spend the money and Not get the result I want. I'm pretty realistic like I know I can't expect like JLo or Kim or those video vixen asses but I want a rounder butt and even smaller waist. But I was confident that Dr Vecchio can make some magic happen lol and he DID .. Well I am so swollen right now so I won't be able to see the result for like another week. But he was able to get 1100 CC , I have no idea how but I guess I had more fat than I thought so WOOHOOO, lol !!! I woke up very cold and it was a bit uncomfortable because my butt was and still stiff / hard but I wasn't in pain pain. It feels heavy . My surgery was at 11Am and I woke up at like 1pm buy didn't leave the office til like 3:50pm. So I'm able to walk , just slow, ESP in the car , up the stairs u can do it , it's just uncomfortable and stiff on the butt and a bit sore on the tummy. I am now home in bed writing this lol. I am shocked and happy that he was able to get all that day out of me, I just hope most of it will stay after . I am also bruised as well :-(. I feel fine I took meds and my vitamins I just hope tomorrow I won't be in pain lol I will post pics soon for you all!!!

I started taking my vitamins 2 days before surgery however, I think you should start taking hour vitamins a month or at least 2 weeks before, I believe it does play some what if a big role in the recovery process.

Also, when I Pee there was blood on my butt hole but towards the top I think that's where he injected the fat ) I didn't freak out but I didn't expect that .. I'm hoping its normal :-/. I couldn't pee at first it was Wierd LOL like I had to go but I couldnt pee but once I got home I was able to Pee.

Below is a list of what I bought
Arnica - gel and Pills
Vitamin B6 and B12
Boppy Pillow
Nivea - Skin Firming and Toning $15 I know it Aint cheap lol
Bio Oil - $13 bucks
Vedette Garment from Amazon I ordered size MEDIUM because all the review said it runs small , $22 bucks I think
Dr Scholls Compression Stocking $10 or $13.
Tons of water
Tons of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water from whole foods - I know they ain't cheap but I love coconut water and those are like almost the closest things to a fresh raw coconut . Plus they provide electrolytes which better and not as sweet as Gatorade but Gatorade is fine too. I'll be drinking both lol

Anyway, that's it for now ... I feel droopy from the meds pain which is great yay because I I don't want feel any pain but I expect too lol I will post more stuff tomorrow 2 second day.

PS- I have been taking Cod Liver Fish Oil and Zinc way before my surgery but I'll double check to make sure that these are okay to take along with my vitamins.


Hi all,
Questions for you vets ladies :-)
When do you start your massages ?
Do you take off the garment while getting massage and put it back on after?
When is it appropriate to shower ?
Last, my neck is already hurting me , what should I do or take to help with that ?
Thanks bunch :-)


So these are my photos before and after !!!! Today is the day after my surgery .. I feel fine I'm just VERY SORE my back , tummy and ESP Abdomen. It is so hard for me to get in and out of bed. I'm also very swollen no Fun ;-((((( my Vagina is so swollen I know it's normal but it just scare me lol. And my NECK starting to hurt .... Any suggestions on the neck ??

2nd day was horrible !!

Hi All,
OMG last night I couldn't sleep. I felt so full and I was laying on my tummy... I keep waking up and mind you it's a pain in the ass to get in and out of bed. Then I threw up I know not fun ;-(( then I went back to sleep then woke again because I fell so full and couldn't go back to sleep. I took one pill of Stool softener but didn't poop. I realize that I haven't poop since the surgery on Monday. I'm debating if I should take stool softener or laxatives ? What do you think ??
Also,grrrr my arms and neck are so sore from sleeping on the tummy .. It sucks ..
Also, between my boobs are bruised .. What do you use for bruises besides Arnica Pill ? My VaJa Ja is so swollen - help please ?

3rd day

Hello Dolls,
Last night was better than the night before . My compressions is so tight like I can feel it crushing my damn ribs lol . Ladies I have to say this recovery is tough, it is not easy at all :-( I'm still very swollen ... And my neck and arms hurt ughhhhh 3 weeks from now feels so far away. I'm still bruised too shits sucks :-( I'm bored as I'm home alone .. The first 4 nights I had my girls with me and now they are gone ... I feel lonely ... I'llupdate pics soon

3rd Day after shower

Hello ladies ,
So I attached photos , keep in mind I am very swollen and bruised up :-( I know it ain't cute lol . I feel so nice to take a shower .... The garment I currently have had zipper on both side which I love .. Do you ladies know where I can order more ?

Surgery Monday ( it's Friday now )

Hi dolls,
So I am pretty much sad , lonely and depressed ... Lol it's a tough recovery and time consuming. I'm not in pain it's just discomfort ... I'm still very swollen and bruised :-( my lower back is annoying and achy . My neck and arms are killing me due to sleeping on my tummy. 4 weeks and 6 weeks feels so far from now. I feel emotional. I feel like these garments are so tight and crushing on my damn ribs. Anyway, hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Day 6

Hello all,
OMG let me say so far this experience hasn't been horrible or hell but def not comfortable and touch. My back is killing me ... This garment is so damn right it's hurting my ribs .. I'm not in pain but it's just so annoying ... I have never felt so restricted like u can't do shit for at least 2 weeks ... Like girls I can not wait to GET out of this garment like i am so over this ! I am bored out of my mind spending literally all day each day in bed grrrrr.. Sorry I had to vent lol .. But yeah this is not easy ... Tomorrow I'm seeing Dr Vecchio for my one week check up ... Hopefully everything is fine ... I'll update more tomorrow

Future BBL dolls

Hi dolls,
So yeah my back is killing me and I am super bored... I thought I should let all your future BBL dolls know that this experience isn't easy ... You are not in crazy pain but it is very uncomfortable and very restricted.... Please make sure it is something you dolls really want to do because it is also a lot of time consuming in the recovery process. I don't regret it , it's just discomfort .. My neck , back and arms are killing me ... I can not wait to get out of this garment and sleep
On my back again... I'm trying to be very positive ... I know the bruised and swollen takes at least 2 weeks to go down so keep that in mind :-)))) anyway dolls .... Later !

Day 6

Hi doll
So the stupid Oxy made me constipated and it was the worst. I literally tried to poop over an hour and then I finally did ... Omg it hurt so bad ... Sorry tmi I know lol anyway after that I was so exhausted because trying to pop literally took so much out of me like my butt hole hurts like a MF. Anyway, I have been washing my garment because my Vedette came and I don't like it and it seems so tight and difficult to get in.. I don't want to struggle and put pressure on my butt while getting into it.
What do you recommend for a second garment ? Also what kind of food do u eat for easy bowel movement ?? Please help
I never want to go through that again :-(((

1 week

Hello All,
So I had my one week follow up today. Everything seems fine. I do feel much better .. I'm stil swollen and bruised and De Vecchio wasn't happy that I didn't change into the new garment :-( I ordered one vedette size Med it's so small I literally can't pull it pass my hips.. I went to Burlington Coat, Marshalls and they had nothing :-( so I ordered another one size Large from Amazon .. Let's hope it comes soon .. I'm worry that it will effect my result .. I basically just washed the garment every other day !!

Also ,
You vets , how long do you wear the epi foam for ? What kind of spanx should I get for the 3 weeks post Op ? Do you cut the butt part out ?? Please help


Day 8

Ladies ! Omg I feel like each day is something .. There's always something grrrr . Last night I was laying down out of no where my body felt hot like if I was getting a fever and achy. I was scared but this morning I feel fine ... I'm still sore on the tummy abdomen and like lower back but I know it's normal ... Can someone explain the hotness I felt out of no where ? I was terrified ... Today is day 8, I thought things would get better .. This shit is rough , ain't no joke ughhhhhhhhh I'm never going through this again .. I felt discouraged and was thinking why did I put myself through this shit and put my life at risk ... Smh let's hope I feel better today .... Also , is Nightquil Okay to take ? What kind of over the counter meds I can take if needed ?

Thanks dolls :-)

What kind of lotion?

Day 8 already can I use lotion ? I bought Nivea firming and toning lotion

Leonisa or Vedette 929 garment ?

Hi dolls
I'm so confused about all the garments , like which to use blah blah ..:. Can u girls help me do you like vedette 929 garment or Leonisa seamless high waist shape wear compression ? How long should I wear these for exactly ?

Day 11 - Woohooo

Hi dolls,
I am so happy it is day 11 OMG been so kind and rough ... I have been super bored I haven't really gone out except for groceries and went for a walk. I feel much better than last week. A little bit soreness my thighs and knees... My tummy feels numb like when I take off the garment it feels weird like hard .. Is that normal ? Is this going away the hard and numb feeling on my tummy ??

Also, after all the ordering garments on mine - Late delivery - wrong size I finally went to a store near me and bought a Faja OMG shjt ain't cheap ...but thats it I am done with spending anymore money on garments. It feel tight but very compress and it does feel good .. I know within a few days it will stretch and will be easier to put on ... Future BBL dolls, buy your garments before your surgery don't wait til the last Min.. Go in the store if you can and try on stuff as ordering shit online doesn't work as sizing can be difficult lol . I'll be wearing this one for next month or even longer to really mold my shape :-))))


Who's in the NYC area that can recommend a good massage place ?? How many do I need ? These aren't cheap :-((((( please help

Super bored

Hi dolls,
So I am on my day 12 woohoooo :-)))) my knee is a bit sore and I'm not as swellin as I was so yay .. Brushing is slowly going away I think by next week all my bruising should disappear.. Anyway so , who have gone out yet ?? I am so BORED.. I feel so disconnected to the world I haven't done anything at all :-((((( any of u girls recommend or have gone out yet ?

Epi foam

So my epi foams arrived and I'm using but it is so uncomfortable .. I feel
Like maybe my garment was already tight and now with the foams it's even tighter and I feel so uncomfortable and tight .. Are these foams crutial ??? Do I really need to use them ? My garment has hooks in them and I'm on day 12 .. HELP HELP


Day 13 - Garment leave dents on tummy ????

So this garment leave a deep dent on my tummy ESP on the side on the waist ? Is that normal ??? I am freaking out and I fucking paid $135 for this damn garment I am so so mad
Please help

Incisions got irratated ??

Okay so u know that section between your thighs and Va Ja ja , where the incisions is ... I thought it closed and I guess my garment were rubbing against it and now it's kinda white .. Is it infected or something ?? GRRR I feel like there's always something
Please help

Garment or not

Okay so been confused and craze about all the garments talk the last 2 weeks. My question is when can we really do garment free ?? Like my is the Faja M&D its tight and give me great compression but sometimes it's so snug ( I also wear epi foams with it too ) that it makes it uncomfortable .. Like when I walk I can't fully walk normal , it feels like the garment is stuck to your skin lol ... Y'all know that feeling ??? When can i change into a much softer and smoother garment like Leonisa for more comfort ( nor as much compression ) .. Would that make me swell again ??? When can I go garment Free completely ???? Please help

Day 17 - need to get out of the house !!!

Hi dolls,
Any advices on if I want to go out tonight ..? Should I wear garment or no ? My coordinator said she went out within her first week and didn't wear garment during those hours .. Should I not wear one or should I wear Leonisa ( it's smoother and seamless under clothes )

Also can someone explain that fainting and blurry eyes feeling when NOT in garment ?? It's so Wierd .. Help


Possibly selling my Garment !! GREAT condition

Hi ladies,
So I selling the Faja M&D which cost me $135 and its in great condition size Xsmall ( it just a bit more stretch out now ) since I only wore it for like a week .. I wash it daily and I'm selling it because my surgeon said I can now wear spanx .. No need for crazy expensive garment so i'd figure I would sell it to any of you figure BBl dolls. This garment is really good it's up there comparison to Veronique garments which you know it ain't cheap lol I'm willing to sell it for $90
Size : Xsmall
Crotch opening with zipper for easy bathroom access
It literally give great compression
It's thigh length so it would help to compress your thighs and knees as well if you got lipo in those areas.
It's In great condition and extremely clean.

I can provide receipt just to show you that I did paid $135 for it .

Let me know dolls :-)

3 weeks Op

Hi ladies ,
So today is my 3rd week. I am so happy.. My knees are still sore , numb and feels tight. Like when I move it from being at one place for a while , it feels really tight ... My tummy still tight and a bit hard .. No soreness really on the tummy... My garment still tight and gives great compression. My bowel movement is slowly back to normal so Yay lol... I still sleep on my tummy and planning on doing that for at least 4-6 weeks... I don't think I lost may volume on my butt .. I should have measure myself on week 1 and now at week 3 but I didn't ;-(((( butt still hard but it gotten softer slowly ... I'm
Have been Back at work last week ... I wear my garment literally all day each day unless I shower and I wash it ... I wear it along with cotton shirt and epi foam but it still does give me a bit of dent or marks on my skin but not crazy dents.... I went out last week .. I wore this thong shape wear instead of my garment and it was fine ... It's smoother and softer but as soon as I got home I wore my garment again...

Marks and dents

Hi ladies
So I wear a cotton shirt and epi foams and it's really hard to keep the shirt straight along with the epi foam .. I always end up having marks from the shirt being wrinkles on my tummy .... Does that make sense ?
Ladies you have any advices ? I hate seeing marks and dents .. I want my smooth tummy back ....
Also, I have another garment that is seamless but I haven't worn it yet as I don't know if I should keep wearing my Current garment as if is very Tight and give great compression ... What should I do ??

Update day 28

Hello dolls :-)
So it's almost a month I am so happy .. I do feel much better ... Tummy still hard and the crease between thighs and v ja Ja still tight but it's fine overall.. I can walk normally now .. I have been back to work and I went out several times ... I finally wore the Leonisa garment .. It is much smoother and softer but I switch back and forth between Leonisa and Faja M &D . When I go out I wear those thong shape wear because I don't feel 100% secure without feeling compressed so that's why I wear them. My lower back is a tiny bit sore yesterday but it's not bad.. I don't think my butt volume decreased so that's good but I'm going to wait til like 2-3 months to really see the final result ... I hope it doesn't shrink. I attached photos before and after so you dolls can see

Booty greed Lmaoo

Hi dolls :-)
So I LOVE my butt I really do but of course I wish it was a bit bigger lol but then again I have to be realistic I'm petite so for Dr Del Vecchio to get 1100CC OUT OF ME is pretty amazing lol I'm just paranoid, terrified and pray that I don't lose much volume .... When you look at me everyone do notice my butt but it doesn't look crazy .. It's really plump lol I'm The type that don't care if people look at me and notice My ass lol I just don't care .. I feel like we spent so much money on this surgery , we want it to be noticeable lol not Crazy OD noticeable but noticeable lol right ladies ? Lol anyway I am very happy with my result and my tummy is FLat YAYY no more sucking it in and no more bulge so that's a good thing ... Once I feel better and can fully sit I will start working out so keep my tummy flat ..

I DO recommend if you can gain weight ( the more fat u have the better ) also it doesn't take a week it takes awhile to gain weight so i suggest any of you dolls who is serious about getting this procedure done start early and gain weight .. I was at 105 lbs 4'11....

Boobies ? LOL

Hi All,
Okay so I'm not crazy lol don't think that OMG this girl just got her butt and now more surgery lol no I have always wanted big boobs but of course I don't have them lol I got my butt first becasue I wanted butt more lol and I'm just debating about boobs like later on this year .. Not any time soon though ... I wear those Bombshell bras from Vickies lmao don't judge me lol they are great Becus they give so much padding Lmaoo but after awhile I am sick of always wearing a bra. I don't feel comfortable in bikini tops or certain dresses becasue without the bombshell bras it looks like I have no boobs .. I'm like a small B. And I just want like a full C nothing crazy becasue I'm small and don't want huge ASSS boobs Lmaoo who do you doll recommend ?? Breasts aug in NYC is like very expensive and I found a few surgeons in CA for much Cheaper like $6000-$7000 ...


So I have to fly out Jan 5th which will make it 31 days since my SX... What do you suggest I do on the plane ???? My surgeon said at least 3 weeks no sitting and I haven't sit at all ...I stand and I lean and sleep on tummy .. When I do sit after 3 weeks it would be like 10 mins on my thighs ... I am PLANNing not sit for as long as I can but I have to get back to my normal life ... This surgery is so restricted and im just so paranoid about sitting on the plane and will ruin my result when it shouldn't ... But I can't help but be so paranoid ....

Garment or shapewear at 6 weeks

Hi dolls,
Question for you vets... I am at 6 weeks YAYYYY I'm wearing the Leonisa and not the Faja . I'm not really swollen anymore and my surgeon said I don't even need to wear compression anymore but I feel more smooth and secure with one on LOL but my Faja is still so damn tight it's squeeze my skin and it create wrinkles so the Leonisa works fine for me as of now.
What do you recommend for a good garment or shapewear ?? I do enjoy wearing one that cover the butt Becus I feel like it lift my butts up even more lol
Thanks :-)

6 weeks 2 days

Hi dolls,
Sorry for haven't been on here in awhile .. I just have been busy with work and travel. So here's an update .. I feel better .. I'm back to my normal life traveling and work .. The flight on Jan 5th was fine. I asked the flight attendant to let me stand after take off and I only sit when I have to and I always try to push all the pressure towards my knees. I still sleep on my tummy. I had my one month post Op and the Dr said I look fine and I shouldn't lose any volume.. I wish I measure from the first week but I didn't so I hope I didn't lose anything .. I don't think I did but just like any other girls who got it done I do wish mine was bigger LOL
I only sit on breaks at work and in the car other than than I always lay on my tummy and sides. I DO LOVE the shape. I'm wearing the Leonisa shapewear and I feel more lifted when I wear a shapewear and I'm actually looking for another one to buy ... Any suggestions ??

My tummy feels fine it's just a bit wrinkles like three lines of wrinkles near the belly button from the stupid Faja M&D ( it was tight ) Dr said its fine and it will go away. My Waist still a bit hard and he said that will go away as well. My tummy overall is Flat :-))) so YAY ... I went out and everyone was like OMG ur butt is big but it doesn't look ridiculous..... I have attached photos for you doll to see at 6 weeks :-) I'll update more pics soon at 8 weeks


Ladies ,
So I decided to deleted most of my photos as I know there are creeps on this site unfortunately lol i did kept my most recent photos at 6 weeks for you doll so :-)

What to wear at 10 weeks !!

Hi Dolls,
I know it has been awhile since I update anything .. I have been so crazy with work and and traveling. I feel great ... My knees still a bit sore , just a bit. My butt is amazing. When I'm in dresses and jeans you can see the round butt I love it !! I am able to sit now but I still sleep on my tummy and I only sit when I have to like on break at work and in the car, and on the plane. My tummy is flat and the wrinkles lines from my first garment slowly going away so YAY and this one small bump is also going away... I still wear the Leonisa Garment DAILy I feel wierd without it lol

Anyway, for all you vets BBLs , what do you recommend to wear at 10 weeks ... That doesn't squeeze my tummy too tight and wouldnt give wrinkles but still train my waist.
Thanks ! And I'll update pics soon when I get home and able to take photos in front of my big mirror. I'm away from home now !

Boobiessss !!!

Hi dolls,
I'll be home in 2 days and I will take some phones updated for you all :-) thank you so much for all your support and patience :-))) I truly really appreciate it .... Now any of you guys have recommendation for a good Breast Aug surgeons in MIAmi

Please let me know

12 weeks

for all you vets BBLs , what do you recommend to wear at 12 weeks ... That doesn't squeeze my tummy too tight and wouldnt give wrinkles but still train my waist. I'm currently wearing Leonisa Garment ! Please comment with you suggestions


Dr Del Vecchio was so nice ; friendly and funny. I did felt at ease when speaking to him. I loved that he was very confident that he's able to give me a good result. He's really funny so it also made me feel like phewwwww and put my mind at ease. After my surgery I didn't see him because he had another surgery after mine but I think I'm seeing him next week for a follow up I'm sure ! Sima the nurse was great, she's nice and sweet and very understanding. The receptionist Shannon was great as well. javonica the coordinator is great. I spoked to her several occasion even when I was nervous and needed someone to comfort me, she was there. Certain times , it was difficult to get a reply or call back but she did ended up called me back and reply to my emails. I think he's very busy as he operates in NYC, Boston and maybe Miami if I'm not mistaken so I'm sure the coordinator is very busy as well but at times I did felt anxious like why am I not getting a response but I always end up getting my calls and emails return. Now I know I gave 4 stars rating and that is becasue sometimes it was hard for me to get a hold of the coordinator. As far as the doctor , I texted him and he replied right away and answered my questions thorough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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