Bad Crows Feet - New York, NY

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Had 3 areas of botox done mid December, glabella,...

Had 3 areas of botox done mid December, glabella, forehead and crows feet. Waited about 10 days for it to take effect and noticed these horrible flaps of skin appear under my eyes by my cheeks when I smiled. Crows feet were totally frozen and I was left with this flappy skin that I did not have before. I've been completely devastated since and very aware of my appearance. Since then my forehead and glabella have come back but not my crows feet, they are still frozen and I still have that horrible flap. It destroyed the appearance of my face, I do not look natural at all and in fact look older. It seems that the appearance of the flaps change now. When I wake up in the morning, they are very pronounced and swollen looking and as the day goes on they soften but not on all days just some...what on earth?

Now I had my crows feet done twice before and I came out great. This time I decided to use someone else and came out botched. I didn't even like my forehead to be honest. When I raised my eyebrows they came to two points which looked rediculous...thank god it wore off.

SADLY I'm still dealing with frozen crows feet and would love some input on why I wake up with a puffy flap that seems to fade a little sometimes but not others.

5 1/2 months and still waiting!

I would really like an answer as to why I have...

I would really like an answer as to why I have that flap of skin. You'll notice that the two wrinkle lines that I had directly under my eye prior to botox are not pushed down toward the flap of skin. HORRIBLE What's going on??

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