2 IPL Treatments on Olive Skin with No Visible Results

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I have had 2 IPL treatments in a reputable...

I have had 2 IPL treatments in a reputable dermatologist practice. I had some very minor burning sensation that lasted about 1 hour followed by some minor darkening of my spots, but no visible change. I had my second treatment one month later and had NO side effects, no darkening of the spots and no flaking of the skin. The person that performed the treatment told me it takes time. It has been 2 months, I had 2 IPL treatments and had very minor lightening of only one spot. I have olive skin (Spanish).

Anyone with a similar experience. I paid for 3 treatments, I still have one more and skin specialists says she'll increase the intensity next time.

Olive skin had 2 IPL treatments with no visible results?
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