52-year Old with Hideous Cellulite and Lax Skin on Thighs - New Philadelphia, PA

This may be long because I want to give my history...

This may be long because I want to give my history of how my thighs got this way. Around thirty I go liposuction on my thighs. The garment they gave me apparently wasn't as tight as it should be. I didn't know any difference, they were the professionals so I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until later a while after the procedure that I figured out the garment needed to be really, really snug. Anyway, over the years I have slowly gained a little weight from about 130-150 and my skin has gotten really, really lax. It looks so bad I have never worn shorts out of the house or cute short dresses above the knee, etc. Was told my lax thighs were not bad enough for a thigh lift and personally I didn't want the scars from a lift, although when I life the skin my legs looks great. I tried different "tightening" procedures like Venus Freeze and nothing worked. Then I heard about Cellfina. They don't do it where I live so I went to another state. I sent pictures of my legs because I didn't want to make a wasted trip if they told me I wasn't a candidate. But they could tell from the pictures that it would work and I scheduled the procedure. I was concerned because I had read it wasn't for the front of thighs which is my main concern but they told me they would take care of the front even if it was mostly lax skin and I would see a 60% improvement and a nice result. Frankly any little bit could only improve my legs. Day of procedure they gave me Vicodin, Valium and two antibiotics. I had a driver so I'm glad I was given this to relax. I had two nurses and each began the process of marking my thighs all over. Took a long time. They started around 9:30 and didn't finish that part until around 11:15. They started with back of legs. I was able to watch TV or movies or listen to music on a tablet. I choose soothing music. They started to numb the back and sides of the first leg and buttock with a device that felt like my skin was pulled into it in a pinch (did not hurt) and then administered the numbing needle. I could feel it and it was bearable. A few areas, it hurt. I'd give this about a 3-4 on unpleasantness and pain. So they numbed that leg and left it alone to get more numb and started on the second leg same thing. While that was getting more numb they went back to first leg and started the slicing of the tethers which I did not feel. Only a few times I felt a little something but it wasn't a big deal. Once though (I'm not sure where the location was front or back) I did feel it and they stopped immediately and renumbed the area and went back later. And this is how it went for the front also. After they finished and wrapped me in plenty of gauze patches and put me in a garment that is meant to hold the gauze in place and to help with swelling but was not required to be significantly tight. Had the open area in crouch to pee and whatnot. I was able to walk with no problem and no problems sitting on the way home. No pain. It was a long day and I got out of there at 3:00. I did have to change the gauze (which they had given me plenty of as well as pee-pee or puppy pads to sit on. I was leaking pretty good. I did take a vicodin before bed to stay ahead of any pain and to help sleep. I did have to chance a few more times during the night and also take another Vicodin because moving around the bed had started me to throb a little. Still it was bearable but I wanted to make sure I slept. Next morning I was able to get a shower and wash the garment. It hurt a little to wash over the areas. Skin was tender and bruised. The cream they gave me Aquafor for moisturizing and healing I had to rub on twice a day and I could feel it. Rubbing as lightly as I could. Oh and going to the bathroom and sitting on a hard toilet, yeah that wasn't pleasant. But these are brief times. Pulling off and putting on the garment was another unpleasant thing. Anyway I seeped a little more throughout the day on 8/20 but my pain was maybe a 1-2. Just a pinch here. I seeped a tiny bit more during that night. I was finished seeping by Sunday, 8/21. I removed my puppy pads from my bed and sofa. Went out to dinner. 8/22 I went grocery shopping. There was never any pain when I walked. 8/24 Follow-up appt. with nurses. Says I did well and am doing great with home care. There is no swelling, skin is healing great. Don’t need to wear garment unless I want to. Can wear leggings instead if feel like it. Can exercise. Cover thighs if going to lay in sun. Bruising is starting to turn yellow already in some spots. I was also using Arnicare for bruising and I think that helped with healing big time because I had large purple areas of bruises the first few days. Will see her in a month and then 3 months after that for follow-ups. She did say I would see improvements over the next coming year up and it will continue to improve up to two years from now. 8/31 I am still wearing garment just in case. Not a problem to wear it. Originally told to wear it for two weeks anyway. Bruising is healing great considering how it first looked. Starting to feel hardness and bumps now but this is all natural and was told this would happen. They will eventually go away. It’s just basically trauma around areas treated. It is still hard to see any improvement or difference because of the bruises. I have so much cellulite and slack skin it’s hard to see any difference or improvement. Picked a perfect time to have this done though, end of summer. Hopefully next summer I won’t feel as bad in bathing suit or shorts. Nurse also told me to consider an inner thigh lift because the scar would be easier to hide but while pulling my skin it doesn’t make much difference on the inside there. If I pull back skin in middle of thigh on up, there’s a big time difference but I just don’t have the money for that and I do NOT want that kind of scar. This is my last resort. Was told to look into cycling or rowing to tone since other exercises hurt my knee. My yoga isn’t going to help. I am posting a series of pictures. Befores and afters. Unfortunately, it's not letting me download them now. Will try a different way when I get home. I'm at work doing this! :)

My before pics

Day after Cellfina

More pictures day after cellfina



5 days after Celfina

Bruises healing

Almost a month after Cellfina

Legs still hideous. Trying to have faith that they'll improve with time and that I'll get that "60 percent improvement."

Pictures from 1 month follow up appt. Pics on left are before procedure, right are 1 month after

Not too noticeable a difference yet, tiny bit.
Cross Medical Group

I had a surgical nurse and an assistant and they couldn't have been nicer or calmer. Catered to me.

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