Obagi Blue Peel - Just Had Done - New Orleans, LA

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I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with...

I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with having this done seven years ago, I expected the worst. Normally, they put one thick layer on, and then apply another layer to another layer. I took a muscle relaxer before I went so I was a little out of it, but lets just say - I left there with the peel still on my face. Sunday morning when I took a shower there was no blue residue left on my face and I have very minimal tightening and no pain, I am really disappointed.

Although, I think my doctor is good, she did not apply the blue peel effectively and now I just paid $500 for a lunch time peel result. I have never been so disappointed in my life and have had 4 other cosmetic procedures in the past. Last time I couldn't hardly open my mouth to eat, now I can actually go running, touch my face and there is not sensitivity what so ever. Lets just say I am back at work this morning with none discomfort and my face isn't red either. A true waist of money. I think for this type of peel you need to go to someone who has been applying this sort of peel for a long time. If it hurts, its worth it.

I have also been using the NuDerm for sometime as well. I am really happy with the Obagi products - very sad with my Obagi Blue Peel though.

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