Consultation review: 27 Year Old - New Orleans, LA

People should know about his terrible bedside...

People should know about his terrible bedside manner. He had me stand in front of him and his Entourage in a paper thong while he attempted to take my before pictures. The camera ran out of film so the entire entourage left to go get more while he sat in a chair directly across from me and belittled me. I was never so humiliated in all of my life. When I didn't move in the exact 70 degree turn he wanted to,he got up and grabbed my shoulders to move me in the direction he wanted me and told me that I must have failed geometry.

I had the surgery done by another doctor because when I went back for my pre-op photos, I was so humiliated by Dr Metzinger and his staff that I left his office and never went back.

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