34 Years Old with 2kids. A-cup Wanting to Be a D-cup. - New Orleans, LA

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I'm tired of having no boobies and have decided to...

I'm tired of having no boobies and have decided to finally go for it. I have to wait till early 2016. So I will do research and try and wait patiently. I plan on having a consultation with Kamran Khoobehi, MD
in New Orleans soon. Will let everyone know how that goes. I know I definitely want silicon. No sure if they will be smooth or textured. I want a full c-cup or d-cup if possible. I've seen woman my size achieve a d-cup and I hope I will too.


Wish pic

These are perfection and my goal. I love the size and how natural they look.

Ultimate wish pic

I came across this model Emily Ratajkowsk. She has perfect breast. She claims they are real and I would love a similar look. Not sure I can get them that big. I have little to start with. A girl can dream.


Well unforeseen circumstances have delayed my surgery. I now have to wait till 2017. I'm type 1 diabetic and hve to lower my a1c. I have taken some updated photos.
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