Hands of an ARTIST!!!! - Miami, FL

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I can not wait for Dr. Llorente to sculpture my...

I can not wait for Dr. Llorente to sculpture my 6'0 frame. I am absolutely ready to tell him to do just what he wants to do... Have you seen his work? OMG... Simply Stunning... When I walk in a room, I want to own it, in a positive and natural way. I'm already getting stares everywhere I go because I am a tall woman so people are amazed by my height. But I want them to also be amazed at how well my six foot frame is sculptured. Please don't get me wrong, I am not conceited , I'm actually shy because of my height. So if I'm going to be stared down regardless, then stare me down because Artist Dr. Llorente has made me an amazing master piece. Lol... I'm so excited.. Y'all please( so you now know I'm from the deep south since I used the word y'all) just look at his instagram. My,my,my. I promise you, after looking at his before and afters, Y'ALL gonna use him too. Trust me, I'm going to keep you all (y'all) posted. Make it a great surgery on purpose and book with Artist Dr. Orlando Llorente.

Dr. Llorente, Hands of an Artist

Dr. Llorente is the BOMB.COM

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