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I'm going to turn 47 soon and I had the lapband...

I'm going to turn 47 soon and I had the lapband put in in 1/11, never found my "sweet spot" I was in the doctors office so much. too tight or too loose,Couldn't get water down most days. I was sick all the time. I was dehydrated and malnourished. I became a gym rat despite low energy. Lost about 60 pounds and got down to size ten but I was fit. Then the band slipped and the doctors said "people live with a slipped band for years". changed doctors and had it removed summer 2015, Within one year I've gained 55 pounds. I went to every doctor, I was told that my body was holding on to everything as to not be starved again. Nothing fits, Ive become depressed. In June I saw the bariatric surgeon to follow up from lap band removal as I had blown off so many appointments from being embarrassed to see him due to the weight gain. He suggested VSG. I didn't want another surgery but I started the process anyway. My VSG date is 11/17/16 and I can't wait to get it over. Not sure what to expect since I thought the band was going to be a tool and never was. Any support or advice or VSG buddies will be greatly appreciated. TY!!!
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