Velashape Not Worth It - 8 Treatments for Cellulite and Circumferential Reduction

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I had 8 treatments, 40 minutes duration each...

I had 8 treatments, 40 minutes duration each session, once per week for 8 wks to treat the back of my upper legs (hamstring area) My physician was excellent and definitely performed the treatments correctly. Some minor pain occasionally, but no burning and no bruising---more like a warm, deep massage.

I am 5'5" and 120 pounds with some cellulite, but not too, too bad. After 8 treatments, there was no change in my cellulite at all and just a very minor cicumferential reduction. My before and after pics were pretty much identical :(

I honestly just don't think Velashape is an effective procedure for cellulite. The only thing that is going to really get rid of cellulite is when they come out with a procedure that weakens those tight fibrous bands of connective tissue that are causing the fat to bulge through and that lumpy appearance. Until then, I would recommend exercise, drinking plenty of water, a good diet and massage with a cellulite cream containing caffeine. Pass on the Velashape.

Pic 3 months post first Fraxel

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