Ulthera Experience - New Jersey, NJ

Had it done TODAY 4/10/13 so the 'not sure' rating...

Had it done TODAY 4/10/13 so the 'not sure' rating is the most accurate. Area is lower face: jowls/chin & upper neck. The experience does hurt, but was tolerable. Some spots were almost intolerable though. I had no medication. They told me to take ibuprofen but I forgot- was running late & left the bottle- OOPS! So take note the pain level was without any pain meds. The first transducer targeted deeper layer and hurt, description is like if wasps with burning hot stinger needles were trying to stitch my deep tissue together lol. Some lines weren't that bad, then ZING! I made him stop a few times so I could recover from those. Second transducer for superficial layer was nothing comparatively. Similar but more like baby wasps :) I kept focusing on the goal in my mind. After all I made the choice to do it- no one forced me! This evening I have swelling in the jowl area, makes me look MORE jowly :( but my underchin and upper neck feel firm. I realize results take time but I sure hope my swelling goes down soon, sides of my jaw look like Im storing nuts and my semi profile is jutting out in that area:( I will try to be patient... I have a gut feeling its going to look great. Will update down the line.

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