No Eyelashes to Thick and Long Ones!

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I LOVE Latisse! I am a 30 year old woman who for...

I LOVE Latisse! I am a 30 year old woman who for years has had no eyelashes. That's not an exaggeration - NONE. I've dealt with an obsessive compulsive disorder for years where I would pull out my eyelashes. Finally, when I broke the compulsion the damage had been done. I had no eyelashes. Literally had one or two here and there, but you could actually count them - one or two.

I've now been using Latisse for about 3 months. I have EYELASHES again. And not only are they there, but they are so long and full. It's an amzing feeling to take off my makeup at night and not look like a wierdo - even with no mascara they are plain to see. Latisse has helped me to feel feminine again with long, thick, flirty eyelashes! After I finish my next bottle I'm going to take a break from it to see what happens. I'm hoping the results stay. I've had no side effects at all other than long beautiful lashes.

I would recommend Latisse to anyone. Totally worth the $.

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