DO NOT Recommend - Extremely Dangerous in Careless Hands.

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Plain and simple this treament has real risks that...

Plain and simple this treament has real risks that can kill you. I had Fraxel surgery in 2007 and shortly after fell VERY ill for almost a year afterward with an infection that became systemic and almost killed me. I would have sued the doctor but they cover themselves by having you fill out pages of legal documents. I received no pain medication and only a simple antibiotic cream that was applied after the procedure along with bandage. Totally ridiculous considering the trama I endured. I should have been given Morphine - yeah it was that bad. I didn't ask what setting the Fraxel was set at but it must have been the highest possible.

They claim the heal time is 2 weeks which is another scam. Try 6 months. This was the most traumatic experience of my life. A simple procedure turned into a complete nightmare that left real damage that I will probably never fully correct. Luckily I did not do this on my entire face, just a small portion that is still a problem.

Today I am self treating the area myself with much cheaper at-home methods. Slower but I'd rather have to be slow that a one time nightmare that will put you worse off. I won't trust another doctor EVER again. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't go near that doctor or the Fraxel or any type of laser. Extremely dangerous in careless hands. And the cost? Totally outrageous.

Obviously, I do not recommend this procedure at all. If you want blistering pain, disgusting oozing for a few days followed by a crusting scabbing nightmare, and a possible brain infection - go ahead and do this procedure. I cannot believe this is even legal.

Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon

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