Butched Rhinoplasty - New Jersey

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Dr Kaufman preformed rhinoplasty on my nose...

Dr Kaufman preformed rhinoplasty on my nose in 2008. He was supposed to correct the tip (too pointy) and remove a small bump. My nose also leaned to one side and he said he will be able to correct it.
 It was an open surgery.  It we well and after about 2-3 months I realized that the enormous swelling i had on the tip is not going down. Apparently it was a huge scar tissue. I also noticed that there is a hole in my septum that made whistle sounds every time I breath, especially at night. That keep me awake. Dr Kaufman set me to a specialist that bluntly asked if I had a cocaine problem.... No, my problem was my plastic surgeon, thank you.   
At my 1 year appointment, Dr Kaufman said he will perform a second operation to correct all the issues, at no charge.
The scar tissue was reduced a little bit but the majority is still there. The hole in the septum remains. My nose still leanes on to one side and now i have issue breathing.
I would like to correct all the issues so I will need a third operation. It would be very complex and expensive.

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