Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Implants and Rhinoplasty - New Jersey, NJ

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I'm interested in all three procedures but mainly...

I'm interested in all three procedures but mainly the BBL. I've been looking at doctors in florida and so far Dr. Salama and Salzhaver, seem to have the best results in terms of the huge butt and small wais/shape. Also dr. Jimerson is great with video vixen type results. However all three al pricey!! just the bbl can be up to 8k and more not including flight and everything else.

So right now im looking into doctors in Mexico-Dr Pantoja or perferably Dominican Republic -Dr.Yily. I say perferably Dominican Republic only because i have lots of family there, so my family feels more comfortable with me going there because they know the history with doctors and etc.

I would really be interested to find a partner to do this surgery with, as i will most likely travel and do everything alone. Anyone on here that has done more research and looking into big results with a BLL and would like to partner up please let me know =)

would be open to do surgery anytime after march 22nd =)

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