Eyelid Surgery Results for my Left Droopy Eyelid

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I had an eye lid surgery done two years ago for my...

I had an eye lid surgery done two years ago for my left droopy eyelid. My insurance covered it, since it blocked a portion of my vision.

Even after the procedure it was not a hundred percent even, but looked better than before. I still feel it being lowered than usual and can feel the blocked vision. I feel confident with my doctor, but I wonder if this is normal? Should I have expected no guaranties on the procedure.

How can a slightly droopy eye lid go back to being noticeable droopy after a procedure in only two years? Is there any way I can get the procedure done again with insurance to cover it again?
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Since I only paid a small portion of the job, it was worth it to me. If I had paid for it full, I would expect better results.

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