24 YO. No Kids. 34a 240cc Implants. Liverpool, GB

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I am about to have my breast enlargement surgery...

I am about to have my breast enlargement surgery in The New Birkdale Clinic in Liverpool. I have been to a consultantation and a pre op and have been advised by my surgeon Dr De Gado that 240cc implants will be best for
My frame as I'm only 5ft 3" and of slim build, I don't have much breast tissue so he has advised under The muscle! He was very straight to the point when I told him I wanted to go natural and knew straight away the best plan of action for myself! He told me I had to buy a post surgery bra, which costs 60 pounds, and if I don't arrive on the day with it he wouldn't do the surgery, so I've bought that and packed it in my hospital bag! (He's pretty strict!!) I've bought plenty of other sports bras and button up tops as advised by Dr De Gado! I'm a little nervous at the moment but soooo excited to finally have girl sized boobs rather
Than my flat boy chest I have lived with my whole life! I will add before and after pics :)

1 day post op

I had my procedure yesterday and so far so good! I'm abit sore at the mo but keeping dosed up on all my meds they've provided! I went in at 10.45 and went for my op around 1.45... I left the clinic at 9.. It was a long day but had to be seen by Nr De Gado before I went home! I can't see my boobs yet as the are bandaged and in my bra which I'm not allowed to take off until my follow up appointment on Monday where they will take them off! I'm super excited to see what they look like!! They look a good size already in the bra . Just what I wanted!! Seeping was hard last night but I will get used to it!! I recommend a V pillow as you have to sleep face up for the first week or so! It's pretty uncomfortable if you're not used to it like me! Belly is really bloated at the mo aswell, but should go down soon! All in all.. I'm doing pretty well and look forward to seeing my boobs! Couldn't fault the clinic and staff, they would bend over backwards to get what you need I.e food/drink! All very lovely!!

2 days post

My chest feels so tight today so I took my post op bra off for an hour and had a gypsy bath even though it went against what Mr De Gado advised! I needed it!! But I could see my new little additions for the first time, even though I still have the bandages on I could see how perfect they were for me! The perfect size! Keeping dosed up on all my meds at the minute and have a really swollen bloated belly from the codine!!

6 days post op

Today was the day I went to get my bandages off!! I won't lie, it was horrendous!! It hurt so bad, just like pulling Off a giant plaster!! BUT.. My boobs look amazing! Mr Ge Gado has done a brilliant job and I couldn't have asked for better! I'm going back again next week to have my stitches out and the dressing taking off! I'm still abit sore but not on any meds as its not that bad, just a bit tight and achey! Still have to wear the post op bra but I often have to take it off because it's really tight and rubs where my stitches are so I usually just swap it for another sports bra! I can't stop looking at them though, I love them! I've currently got a bad spotty rash where all my bandages were but they will go as soon as they get abit of air to them! Still struggling to have a decent nights sleep as I miss sleeping on my side!!! But all in all.. I'm made up so far so good!!

7 days post op

My rash from the plasters looks awful!!!

8 days post op.

I drove today for the first time! I was advised not to drive for two weeks! It's sore, don't do it! Wait two weeks! Boobs seem a lot softer today as they've been really hard the last couple of days!! Rash is stilllll so bad :(

13 days post op

Had my stitches out today, wasn't painful at all, took 2 seconds! I also got to see my scars for the first time, they still look and feel sore but at least I can now shower again, thank the Lord!!

Back to work

I've been back in work this week.. Being a nursery nurse it hasn't been easy but I'm in light duties and still not allowed to lift.. So although it's hard.. I'm getting it quite easy in work :p The only thing is, my back is in bits this week and my lower sides where my ribs end, I think it's because I'm over compensating as I'm not using any upper body! Boobs are starting to settle a lot more, scars are scab in and healing nicely, still abit sore but nothing major!

Getting on ok so far so good!

Not too bad this week, I had some pain in my right rib yesterday so I had to keep dosed up on some codine, I rang the hospital to check everything was ok, they told me to get checked over at the hospital but it was too far to travel to get there in time, so they told me my GP was fine, but is better today so haven't been. If it gets worse I will go but they said it doesn't sound like anything to worry about! Apart from that I've been ok, still not lifting although I think I may be doing too much in work, hence the rib pain which felt like someone had repeatedly punched me in the ribs! So far so good, I've broke my phone so I will post pics when I have a new one, boobs seem to be settling nicely :) xx

Still in love!

Absolutely made up with my healed boobs! Literally couldn't have asked for better! Exactly what I wanted and love being able to wear different clothes! I'm so much more confident within myself and can't wait to go on holiday in a few weeks and wear a bikini without feeling like a boy ????


Still loving the new boobs.. They been on holiday and days out haha

Happy 1 year Boobs :)

So it's been a year since I had my boobs done. And to this day I still say it's the best thing I've ever done and by far the best money I've ever spent!
They have completely settled and now even have a jiggle to them!
I really can't recommend or thank Dr DeGado enough.
I'm so happy with them, and the confidence boost it had given me has changed me!
Dr Ge Gado

Very professional doctor who knows what he is talking about! A little strict but that is exactly what is needed for the best job!

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