Missing Top First Molar

Hi i need help with my concerns please. I had a...

Hi i need help with my concerns please. I had a top right first molar removed 4 years ago and since then well around 2 years ago i noticed my face beginning to change/sagging and also my top lip corner puckering in. I feel so self conscious about this. if only i had of known then what i know now! Anyways my third molar has also since tilted on a slight angle and the dentist told me not to worry about replacement/implant and each visit keep and eye on tooth thats tilting. What exactly does this mean? 4 months ago i had an implant put in and in the mean time waiting for time to pass for the next stage. My question is can my face go back to normal after implant or do i also need to straighten up the third molar. So confused and worried about having a saggy face.


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dr jake goldenberg

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