Never Get Restylance for Your Lips Without a Nerve Block!!!!!

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As I am reading everyone's experience, I can't...

As I am reading everyone's experience, I can't believe that some of you received the treatment without a nerve block. I just had my lips done 3 weeks ago and the women doctor, who is my friends cousin, told me before injecting Restylance she was going to give me 4 nerve blocks ( 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top ) for the pain. Well my top lips didn't hurt at all. It was wonderful. When she started doing the bottom, I felt a lot pain. The pain really is horrible!!! She gave me another nerve block and after that, I didn't feel anything. I will tell all of you, I would NEVER get my lips done if I didn't have the nerve block. I do feel that she used a little bit too much and for 2 days I was embarrassed to go anywhere. I would recommend after getting your lips done to take motrin ( for the swelling ) and apply ice constantly.
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