Second treatment on Level 5 and Quite a Lot of Pain and Discomfort

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So I have finally had the Miradry procedure done...

So I have finally had the Miradry procedure done at the age of 22.

Started sweating a lot at the age of 14-15. I tried pretty much all of the recommended antiperspirants for excessive sweating with loads of aluminum, all of the overnight aluminum chlorides such as Odaban, Sweatblock, Certain dri, Maxim to name a few. At the age of 18-19 I had the Botox treatment done in the armpits for sweating. Worked great from what I can remember but sweating came back of course. Had another Botox treatment done about 6 months later and the results were nothing compared to the first time. Sweating started after about 3 months again. But after these treatments sweating was not really what it used to be. Me being at the age of 19-20 I thought I had grown out of the hormonal sweating problem.

I still wore heavy strength antiperspirants and used Sweatblock or Odaban at night but I felt like I had the sweating under control. Sadly it became worse and worse. It sure isn’t what it used to be in my teens but nonetheless its bothersome, prevents me for wearing certain clothes as well as it ruins clothes.

In February this year I thought to myself I was not going to sweat this summer. Started looking around for places to do Botox and then I came across Miradry. The price in my home country was $3000 for first and another $3000 if I needed a second one. So I contacted Miradry directly and I was referred to a clinic in Europe where the price was $1600 for first and $1000 for second if necessary. So I flew out to Belgium to have it done. Arrived at the clinic at 11.00 and was finished almost at 1.00. So approx. two hours. My flight went home two hours after this.

So on to the treatment. Having had Botox done before I kind of knew what to expect from the shots. I think I had about 60 shots in each armpit. They didn’t directly hurt, but some were very uncomfortable. Anesthesia kicked in quite fast. I was treated on level 5. The doctor said they usually do level 5 on everybody because the first treatment is most effective and by doing it at 5 it gives the best results. The procedure it self went fine, didn’t feel much other than the suction. But at the end the anesthesia started to go out and the doctor had done the starch and iodine test on me and I sweated most in the middle of my armpit so she took some extra attention in that area. It started to burn a bit and I had to tell her to remove the machine two times (one in each armpit). I also got a weird feeling in my entire arm on my left armpit (hit a nerve or something) but this subsided. Immediately after I felt a burning feeling in my armpits (icing helped). In the taxi on my way to the airport I was in quite a lot of pain and I thought to myself what the hell had I done?? A second treatment was NOT an option at this time haha :P I got some painkillers that I took and the pain subsided a bit when I was at the airport. 4 hours of traveling later I was home. Now it was quite painful. Went straight home to ice my armpits. And icing is what I have been doing since I came home basically.

Armpits are quite swollen and bruised. I do have some pain. And I’m very uncomfortable at the moment. Can’t really put my hands down. I have just been laying in bed since I came home basically.

As of right now im not sure if it was worth it. For me the experience was quite painful. I haven’t noticed any sweating since the procedure but as said I have just been laying in bed anyways.

I will update once I see some improvement.

27 hours after procedure

4 days after procedure

Most pain is gone. Still some swelling and discomfort. Can't really have my arms down so I walk around with slightly high elbows. Experiencing some dampness and odor at the outer part of my armpits,

First workout 5 days after Miradry

Had my first workout today 5 days after Miradry. Didn't give it 100% due to some discomfort during certain exercises. I usually sweat right through my dri-fit shirts when I workout and that is with heavy strength antiperspirant. Today I had no deodorant/antiperspirant and a tiny bit of damness and smell. Was hoping to stay dry but can't really complain compared to how it used to be.

7 days after procedure

It's been exactly 7 days since I had Miradry done. Still have a little bit of swelling and quite a few lumps. The lumps seem to come from the anesthetics because they are in rows (like one lump for each injection of anesthetics).

After my workout 2 days ago I have experienced more discomfort. Don't know if it has something to do with the workout or not. When I stretch out my arms it is the lumps that hurt. Feels like they won't stretch properly and "holds back" the skin kind of. Doing my second workout in a couple of hours. Let's see how this one goes.

14 days after procedure

Now it has been 14 days since I had the Miradry procedure done. Swelling is gone from what I can tell. I still have the lumps/bumps and they are a bit tinder when I stretch my arms out in certain directions but nothing that ruins by daily life. As far as sweating goes I'd say it is reduced by 60-65%. When I used to ride my bike to and from school before Miradry I usually got sweat patches. Now it is just moderate dampness. Im quite happy with it when comparing it to what it was like before but Im going to get a second treatment done in the end of May (about 2.5 months after the first treatment).

21 days after procedure

Today it is three weeks since I have my miradry treatment done at level 5 and I thought I'd say something about the sweating.

I do sweat. Not as much as before at all. I would say 60-70% reduction when my heart rate is normal. So basically only some dampness that does not go though any clothes in normal day to day situations. However as mentioned before when I ride my bike to school and work I do sweat a bit. At these times I get the infamous phantom sweating where I feel like sweat is dribbling down from my armpits but it is not. It is more than I would like to be honest because I wear antiperspirant and I don't sweat on any other part of my body in these situations.

When I workout or exercise the sweating is maybe only reduced by 5-10%. This I don't really care too much about but I’m thinking that this is a sign that there are still quite a few sweat glands left?

I do experience very little to no odor. I can actually wear the same shirt to my workouts to times without washing it because once the sweat has dried up there is zero smell. So I guess that’s great. But I do notice some odor when I don't wear antiperspirant and don't shower for one day but that’s an easy fix I guess.

Planning to schedule my second miradry treatment soon. I will probably have it the end of may.

Nerve damage in triceps area?

I have felt that the spot that hit a nerve on my left armpit is quite tight and tender when I really stretch out my left arm and on saturday during my workout I really felt it. So I have ecperienced a bit of pain the triceps area the last two days. Contacted my Doctor and he wanted to wait with schedualing my second treatment. Hope this pain is goign away quickly so I can be done with both miradry procedures before summertime!

Second treatment on level 5

Now it has been 5 days since my second miradry treatment. This time it was much worse than the first. It seemed like the anesthesia didn't work on me or it wore of super quick because we had to stop on several spots many times and give more shots without really any difference. I had to ask the doctor to stop on both arms when there was round three spots left because I couldn't take the pain any longer.

But the healing has been going so much better this time around. The very next day I was out and about and honestly only iced the armpits maybe 4 times in total the first and second day. Swelling is reduced good amount and just a little bit of discomfort when moving my arms around.

As far as sweating goes I notice when I get hot I sweat like I did after the first treatment. When I have my arms down my armpits become moist/wet which I do not like. Im not using any deodorant right now so it could be it, but I was expecting a better result after the second treatment on level 5. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

6 weeks post second treatment

Now it's been a little over 6 weeks since I had my second Miradry treatment. Healing this second time went much quicker and better. I only iced the first day (didn't feel the need to do it after that) and I went on with my daily routines the day after the treatment.

Sweating is now reduced by 80-85% and im pleased with that. Now I only sweat when I work out and when I get really hot (which Im glad I do becuase that is just normal).

The treatment it self was very painful in my experience and not to meniton a bit expensive but the results are great and im just hoping it will last a long time.
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