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So... here I am. Got my insurances approval two...

So... here I am. Got my insurances approval two days ago, so I guess this is definitive: I will have my breast reduction on June 10th 2015. Very very excited. It's been an emotional journey though, and sometimes I have to pinch myself: everything is going so fast!

I always had large breasts, they developed quite fast from around age 11. That sucked. But they not only grew big, they also immediately started sagging. I was so ashamed that I never wanted to go to buy a bra, too afraid the store lady would comment on my size or shape. It was horrible. On top of that I developed terrible posture due to my shame (hunching), which resulted in neck and shoulder pain and eventually terrible headaches.

Long story short: I finally said for myself: enough is enough. I want to choose to be healthy, I want to exercise without pain or constraints, I want to do this. For me. And so I went to my GP, may 12th. I had my first appointment with my PS on may 19th and I will have my surgery on june 10th. WHAAAT! Yes. Fast, right?

Because this website is awesome and I'd like to help girls like myself to get informed, I'll keep you posted...

Love from The Netherlands!


I never actually took photo's of my boobs! Quite interesting.

1 week to go... and a bit overwhelmend.

I'm kind of confused right now. I feel like I've absorbed every little piece of information I've found on breast reduction pictures, complications, pictures of complications, compression bra's, massage oil, tips on how to recover quickly, the healing diet... and so on...

And honestly, I'm so full of information that I don't even 'feel' the urgency of having a breast reduction, although I KNOW rationally that it's absolutely necessary.

Does that sound weird? I don't even look forward to the results at this point!

Hmm... I guess I really want to control all of this, but at the end: I can't. I do not know whether my boobs will turn out to be perfect or maybe uneven, or if I'm one of the 0.5% women of whom a nipple turns black falls off... I - DON'T - KNOW.

So. I've decided to go on a diet. Not on a food diet (please, no), but on an informational - is that a word? - diet. I trust that I know enough for now. I've been preparing for this the past weeks and now I just have to live, do fun things, clean the house, and wait for June 10th to come.

Thanks for letting me share this :). Can anyone relate?

6 days before... and feeling a lot better

Funny how things can change over one night of sleep. I feel pretty relaxed today, had a good day at work, it seems like I can finish up some projects before 'diving under' next Wednesday. That feels really good.

I'm confident about the decision to have this BR. Although I still don't know how everything will turn out, I feel calm about this decision and ready to be relieved from my uncomfortable bra's.

Today I wore a bra plus a top, all wrapped up nice and tight (so that my boobs don't bounce that much). And all of a sudden I was super aware of how UNCOMFORTABLE it felt against my rib cage. I actually can't even breath proparly and I'm done. I'm excited for being able to breath easily.

Feel like a project manager :)

Four more nights of sleep... (hope I'll sleep :)).

Today was a day of grocery shopping, making and freezing soup, and preparing freezer bags of spinache, pineapple, cellery and banana for my morning smoothies for the next week and a half (heard those are good for wound and scar healing).

By the way: does anyone here have any experience with using arnica?

Well.. Feeling quite prepared and kind of like a project manager, having everything in order.

Work is almost finished, and hopefully I'll have the day off Tuesday, so I'll be able to thoroughly clean the house. Thoroughly. Because my sweet husband is awesome, but not a really good cleaner :).

I know I won't feel really vacation-like next week, but I still like the idea of not having to work for at least two weeks. My boss is very supportive of my doing this, so I feel blessed that my circumstances are kind of ideal to do this now.

Still check this website every day for new stories and pictures of my br-sisters. It helps a lot. Thanks all!

1 day to go!!!

Wooooohoooooo! Almost there, in 24 hours I'll be in the OR, funny thought.

I'm very very excited, ready for this, and scared at the same time. And that's okay.

Biggest fears: he makes them too small. He makes them too big.
The shape will look weird on me. They'll be asymmetrical.

But hey, life is about taking risks. Let's do this!

Today I'll finish some last thing for work and I'm gonna clean the house really well.


I might check in tomorrow morning, if not... see you after surgery!

it's DONE!!!

Already home again!!!

Short update (tired, more later): All went very very well. Not al lot of pain, nothing compared to for example a tooth ache. Because it's so local.
0% nausea. Yessssss!
I had a peek when putting on the bra at the clinic: the look absolutely awesome! Already a beautiful shape! No blood. No bruises. I'll post some pics later.
I think they're a D/E...

Going to sleep some more now!

Timeline today:
8:30 am at the clinic
9:15 am ps dr


I wrote a whole lot more in my previous update, but it's gone...

just wanted to say that my surgery was at 9:30 am amd now its 4:30 pm and I'm already home! So happy about that :-) No place like home!

1st morning post op

Hi all!

I just woke up, it's 7:30 am now and my last dose of pain killers (paracetamol 1000mg) was yesterday at 10pm. I'm surprised of how well I slept, only woke up twice. Not feeling a lot of pain, just som manageble soreness.

by the way, yesterday they took 377g from my right breast and 302 from my left (the right one was slightly bigger). Doesn't sound like much, but I think the lift was equally if not more important than the reduction.

I noticed how my shoulders are absolutely stress free! Thank God!
Even though the wrap is really thight - sometimes a bit uncomforable to take deep breaths - I already feel lighter!

And... I was scared my waist area would look bigger with smaller boobs. Well ladies... it DOESN'T. Really excited about that! Feeling much more in proportion.

So, I'm gonna take my meds now. I'll try to post a pic tonight of the girls!


Yesterday I was a little hyper with surgery being all done :-) Today I'm POOPED. A little more soreness, but still okay. The wrap around my breasts is getting a bit uncomfortable. But... I'm still in a happy place! Just also in bed :-)

2nd day post op

Hi all!

First off, it's awesome to see how you're all so supportive, it's really encouraging!

It's 9:15am now, had about 5 hours of sleep. Wish it was more, but sleeping on my back is something to get used to... especially the middle part of my back tells me to roll around sometimes, which of course I don't :-)

Now, I've read a lot of reviews about constipation, so I wanted to be prepared. Last night I had my first bowel movemen

Why isn't everything posted in my update?!

I've typed an awesome story about my bowel movement and now it hasn't fully oploaded...

2 AM, 3rd day post op, awake...

It's the third night I woke up at 2AM because of my back. My boobs are sore but fine, but my back is KILLING me! Still not used to lie in one position the whole night.. yugh. Getting cranky about.

I'm really wondering how long this process will take... I'm so hoping it will only get better from this point on, but I'm finding it hard to be positive right now..

Some positive thing though: yesterday I took a shower! Very scary - somehow I felt like my girls could fall off at any moment :-) - but also very refreshing. My sweet husband and I took a good long look at my new boobs and although it still looks quite swollen, the shape is amazing.

He made a photo with our camera, I'll try to upload it tomorrow on our computer.

well... will try to get some more sleep now...

Day 3 post op - headache and tired

Even though I'm very thankful for my recovery so far, today I'm kind of bummed out. Three nights sleep deprivation are kicking in and my head hurts. I know it's all normal. I was thinking how to explain this physical discomfort and it's kind of like when you've had a nasty flu and you're already in recovery but not yet on the same energy level as before. It's kind of annoying, right? Being tired, quickly out of breath when walking a few steps, boooooooriiiiing :-)

I guess my energy goes to my boobs. Let them have it then, the more I rest the first days, the faster I'll feel like my normal energetic self again, right?!

Question for those who've been through this: how long did it take you to feel a bit normal again? As in: energy level up enough to go outside for a walk and not wanting to sleep all day...?

By the way, my boobs feel alright and soft. I had the surgery with the j-scarring (short scar technique), zo especially the sides are a bit sore. But since I could put on my microfibre sports bra yesterday (instead of this horrible Triumph bra I got at the clinic, really incomfortable) I feel they're taking it easy :)

Don't have drains btw.

New boobs with sports bra - most swelling on the sides

Pictures of day 2 and day 4 PO

Guys, I can't tell you how happy I am today. I actually feel a lot more like myself. And energetic enough to sit behind a computer to type a larger story on the surgery day.

These are pics my husband took on day 2 and today. I am absolutely amazed by how quickly the shape has changed and how more round the look. A few facts on the girls:
- No bleeding (just two tiny spots on the gauze this morning) and no leeking of any kind :)
- I still feel (emotionally) not really 'steady' enough to look at them for a long period of time. It's such a readjustment... and I get a bit woozy when I have my bra off. I like them packed :)
- Rationally though: I do love the shape and size. My fear was to be too small, well: I'm NOT. And, even though in the pictures they look pretty big, this size fits me like a glove (D/E). I came from an H!

I'm kind nervous about what you'll say about the pics. It's kind of vulnerable to show this to the world, in such a delicate state... But if it helps, I gladly take the plunge.

Day of the operation

So, here I am, day 4. Yesterday I couldn't imagine feeling like I do today, so all you lovely ladies recovering from surgery: just rest assured that this day will come. - Sidenote: even though I know tomorrow I could feel pooped again, I know I know. Got to take it sloow...

So, last Wednesday (whaat, only 4 days?!) I went to the clinic at about 7:30 in the morning. My husband took me there but had to say goodbye in the waiting area. Then a sweet nurse brought me to a small room to change into a beautiful blue gown :P and some soft slippers. She took me to the (some words I just don't know in English, so I hope you understand) pre operative room, which was also the recovery room. There I met the nurse that would stay by my side the whole time, extremely sweet person, really reassuring. She started my iv and gave me some pain meds. Then the anesthesiologist came to -again- ask me a bunch of questions on allergies and my general health, which I all PATIENTly answered, with a few jokes on the side (when I'm nervous, I tend to do that :)). I then had to wait about 15 minutes for the ps to come, it was 9:15 then. I felt kind of strange, like in a science fiction film, just waiting for something to happen that I had no control over. But I was pretty calm. Finally - it felt like ages - my ps showed up and he asked me if I had any questions. I just told him that I really thought about what I wanted: my boobs have to be small enough to not be in pain anymore and big enough to fit my body. He smiled and said: 'well, we'll take care of that then!' (very nice man, my ps).

9:30 - I was wheeled to the OR, and could shove myself onto the operating table. Everyone was very calm and friendly, and I still don't know if they secretly put something calming in my iv, because I felt strangely at peace. They asked me my date of birth and what kind of surgery I would have (good question... nose job, right? - no, I didn't make that joke :P). Then they placed an oxygen mask above my nose (the man said: you won't go to sleep, it's just oxygen) and the other man said: 'I've started the iv, so you'll feel like going to sleep now'. Boy, I did. It was actually a nice feeling, and I remember telling them 'yep, I can feel it...'. And I was thinking: Ah, this feels kind of chill, it's like sinking into an extremely soft matress... I hope I will stop noticing this is happening....................... and there I went :)

11:15 - waking up. First thing I remember (vaguely) is them taking the tube out of my throat, which wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all. No pain in my throat either. (One thing I was worried about earlier on). Overall feeling: 'aaaaaah... I'm sleeping in... in a reeeeaally soft bed.... nicee......' Really, I felt so comfortable.
11:20 - 12:00 trying to open my eyes, only long enough to look at the clock. Sleeping again. A few people came to ask how I was, how was the pain. I told them a 4 out of ten and was really trying hard to explain that it felt as if 'I fel on the curb and scraped my knee'. LOL, I think I've said a lot of weird stuff in that stage. Also a lot of 'thankyousooooomuch'-s :) I was so happy that it all went well. AND that I wasn't nauseaus! Not one little bit. Pain wasn't bad either. Such a relief.
12:00 - something to eat and drink. Went well. New dose of pain medicine, through iv.
12-13:00 - sleeping, waking up to see the doctor secretly eat candy from a candy jar in the room and laughing at him :P (that was funny).
13:00 - was put in a wheelchair - pretty cool one. Was brought to the bathroom to pee. Which I needed, badly. So that went very well. Not dizzy or nauseous (spelling...?)
14:00 - my husband picked me up to drive home. I brought a pillow to put between my chest and the seat belt, but it was actually quite okay. Few bumps in the road, but I found out it was best to RELAX and not tighten up in any way. It was a 45 minute drive. At home I had tot take 3 flights of stairs to our appartment, was okay.

And I was... HOME.

Now, I feel my chest muscles don't like me being so busy typing and all. So I'll stop now, I really hope my story helps you to not feel scared or insecure about this surgery!

Day 4 post op

Food & Drinks

I eat a lot of particular foods these days after surgery. Not as a rigid regiment, but because of their healing capacities :). For the record, this is NOT a diet or anything like that, but I wanted to try to eat in a way that my body gets the best nutrients to recover as quickly as possible.
And because I'm feeling so good (don't think that's just because of what I eat, but hey, it might help right?!) I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to add stuff to the list that worked for you!

The weeks before the surgery I thought about what to eat post op and I decided to go with four kinds of foods/drinks:
1. foods and drinks to stimulate bowel movement - because I read that can be a problem after surgery (linseed, fibres, veggies, LOTS of water)
2. Foods and drinks that work diuretic (is that the word?) - because of the fluids building up in and around my new boobies (like pineapple, cellery, lemon, nettle tea)
3, Foods with lots of protein for wound healing (like chicken breast, lentils, yogurt)
4. Foods with carbs, because healing absorbs a LOT of energy. (Even though you don't move around that much, the body is in need of fuel to heal properly)

So these are the things that I've been eating:

- Whole wheat bread
- Whole wheat crackers
- Green smoothies with spinache, pineapple, cellery, lemon juice (all fresh), linseed, water
- Nuts (macadamia)
- Strawberries
- Activia yogurt with linseed
- Rice crackers
- Veggie soup (leeks, carrots, potatoes, lentils)
- Pea soup
- Chicken breast

- Water, lots and lots of water
- Nettle tea
- Fresh pear juice

My first walk

Today I felt ready to get some sunshine (absolutely gorgeous wheather today), so I walked to the store and back, about 30 minutes... Ha! Did I underestimate that distance! Every step I felt my boobsicles bounce a bit, not really painful but I worried: is my bra supportive enough, will I bust my stitches, will I make it home energy wise? Well... I made it home, but I'm totally POOPED. Still glad I took the walk, but it made me realize that even though I feel much better just sitting around the house, going out is much more intense. So.... just taking it easy again!Gonna take a nap now.

Day 6 post op - pain free and pooped

Hi all!
Thought I'd let you know how I'm doing today. After a mostly sleepless night (yawn) I feel yesterday's walk took its toll on my energy levels. Because I feel super tired and mentally a bit down. One eye opener for me is: I'm almost completely pain free now and off my pain meds for three days, BUT. From now on my recovery won't be about having pain, but having no energy! Yesterday I really thought: well, I'm pain free now, time to get back in the saddle! I almost felt guilty for still not working, which is kind of silly. But it's not necessarily 'being sick' that keeps me at home, it's 'not being able to work'. So... I'm back to taking it easy. YET AGAIN.

Some fun facts:
- I'm able to sleep on my side! Yay!
- Bowel movement back to normal, such a relief!
- Itching... oh well, it means it's healing, but it's a bit annoying sometimes.

New pics - day 6 po

The photo's are a bit crappy, but hopefully I'll make better ones soon.

Three things I just wanted to say:
- Last night I dreamed about my boobs growing back overnight :)
- My nipples are REALLY sensitive (in a good way). That makes me really really really happy, because I was worried that I would lose sensitivity in that area...
- It's getting much easier to put my clothes on and off, that's awesome! Gives me more independence - which I find more than welcome, not really the dependent type :)

Better pics - day 6 - 'And they were all... yellow...' :)

Hi guys, just made some better daylight photo's..

1 week post op!

First off: I can't tell you how uplifting all your wonderful comments are!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i'll try to answer each comment later today when I get behind a computer.

It's exactly one week ago that my surgery was taking place (literally). Strange idea. I'm amazed at my recovery, every day my boobs feel better and softer. They look good, swelling still going down!
Sometimes I get a little pinching stingy feeling in one of the b's, but it subsides within 10 seconds.

Four major things:
1. I slept through the whole night!!!! YAY!!!!
2. My back pain is all gone (the first four days I had horrible back pain from lying in one position on my back.
3. My neck feels awesome. Haven't had any neck and headaches since de surgery, and I used to have it almost daily - especially when lying in bed too long. So it's really true: relief of neck and back pain is INSTANT. Thank you Lord.
4. I can sleep on my side!!! Woop woop! Makes me feel so much more relaxed!

Rest = best

Yesterday I felt a bit down. Not really able to relax. Thinking I SHOULD do all kind of things and not being able to really feel my body.

Just wanted to make a special note on resting even though feeling quite pain free, because I need to remind myself daily: this surgery was major and the healing is still happening. This is the time to TAKE TIME to heal. Don't be super woman. You have ONE CHANCE to do this right. Take time to really feel your body, how tired are you really (close your eyes and dare to feel it without distraction). It's not a race. We're so used to be in a hurry. Well, you can't hurry this.


(This was me talking to myself, over and out.)

Tip: how to cool your boobies without heavy ice packs... (shout out to my mom :))

Because I've had two questions about this subject, just thought I'll leave this tip as an update. It has helped me with swelling and itching the first few days post op!

I never used the heavier ice packs, also because my mom came up with a BRILLIANT idea: take two panty liners, soak them with a bit of water, put them in the freezer. When frozen, put each of them in a soft plastic bag and place them on top of your breasts, not where the scars are. They feel awesome and are cold for about 15-20 minutes (which is the best period of time to cool something, I believe? - because of the reaction of your blood vessels). And it really helped for two things: immediately taking attention away from the soreness you feel those first few days and it really helped to take the swelling down! I used them about 4-5 times during the day.

About my tip about cooling (!)

Just read somewhere that some surgeons advice NOT to cool your breasts in any way, because your nipples may respond to the cold. Just wanted to emphasize that I only put the frozen pantyliners ON TOP of my breasts, not even near the nipple area. So, I never had any problems, but just wanted to share the last thought on the subject.

Wouldn't want anyone putting them on their nipples or stitches... because I think that wouldn't be such a good idea :)

Emotion alert!

It seems like now my body is healing well, my emotions are catching up :-)

Yesterday I cried my eyes out for about an hour. The ugly kind of crying, I might add... Just felt completely overwhelmed without really knowing what caused my tears.

I'm not that surprised actually, because it's been such a weird week recovering from this transformational surgery. On top of that I had an extremely busy and stressful time at work the last few moths.

In some pain again - PERIOD.

So... yesterday my breasts felt sore, and it made me worry: what have I done wrong? Should it hurt again like this?

And then suddenly... it hit me. Next week I'm having my period. I'm used to having really sore and swollen breasts from about a week before my period. So I'm still having that, it's hormonal I guess... It feels quite manageable though, nothing a few paracetamols can't fix.

But it made me feel better instantly, knowing this was 'normal'. Funny huh, how 'normal' is okay, even if it means it hurts.

15 day PO - stitches out, bandages off

So... Today I've had my stitches taken out - didn't hurt at all... the car ride was more painful than I thought, I felt every bump.

Because I'm still in quite some pain (not really intense, but always present when I'm moving) and I'm super duper tired when I've taken a walk for 15 minutes - I've been adviced to keep resting the next week. So.. the two weeks I thought I wouldn't go to work will be at least three... ah well. Everything for the results, right?

Somehow I just underestimated the time it takes to feel energetic again. I really thought that I'd be 'one-of-those-people-who-get-fit-again-in-two-weeks'. Well, I'm not. It's kind of discouraging, because these past 15 days feel like 15 YEARS. But then again... I have a great job with a great boss who encourages me to take of myself. So let's do that then :)

I'll post some new no-stitches pics!

Big Milestone!!! (or small :P)

Today I couldn't resist the temptation of buying a 7 euro bra (=around 8 dollars). size: 38D...


IT FIT!!!!

My goodness. Even with a bit of swelling I fit in a D cup. I was so surprised and happy. I know I told my surgeon not to worry too much about cupsize, But still... I can't even remember the time I had this size.

Just wanted to share this moment of Joy :)

I can't believe I'm wearing a strapless top with NO BRA. Whaaaaaat!?

Just had to share a bit of excitement, wearing something strapless may seem so normal, but I litterally NEVER did this before. I also realized that even on hot summerdays I always would wear a cami top under any top I was wearing, just to keep my bra in place.

I am over te moon!!!

25 days po - better every day / new pics!

Hi all,

Wow, time flies... it's now 25 days post op and I'm feeling more like myself every day.
My wounds haven't opened once in this whole process, which makes me very happy. This week will be the first week I'll go back to work again, I feel ready. Although I started out thinking I would be back at work after 14 days. WRONG. Still feel very low on energy sometimes, even after almost 4 weeks.

Today I enjoyed fitting some new clothes. I really feel like a different person. Lighter, happier, more care free. And the weight has litterally lifted off my shoulder (I know, cliche..., but so true!). The more energy I get, the more I realize how big a change this has been for me. It's all just started sinking in. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, my clothes, bathing suits. I just feel like I can be who I am, that I can stop hiding (my boobs) under layers of cami tops, super tight bras etc.

I feel free!
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