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Needed Implants After a Bad Breast Reduction

Breast Lift with Implants

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26 Nov 2016

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Needed Implants After a Bad Breast Reduction

Over 20 years ago, the surgeon who did my breast reduction didn't have experience taking someone like me from a 46 FF or G and ended up taking too much. The shape just wasn't right and my nipples were facing different directions. Once I had kids later on and after nursing, I became flat, so I went to Dr. Reagan for implants. I was worried about getting implants at first, but Dr. Reagan listened and saw what it was I wanted. He was very welcoming and his smile was contagious. He made me feel comfortable. His staff was also great. The surgery went really smoothly. I'm really happy with the results! He put in silicon implants with anchors. I didn't end up with much scarring because he used the same incision from my earlier surgery. I also didn't have much pain, and he gave me his direct phone number to call if I needed anything! I'd recommend Dr. Reagan to my friends and family.