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I believe it actually gives me back my life! I...

I believe it actually gives me back my life! I receive them every 3 months, with a hiccup every now and then when I was going through a divorce and was getting thrown around from one insurance to another insurance. Insurance companies make sure you have exhausted ever other avenue first. The first round I received was not what I expected, I got injected into muscles in my shoulders and couldn't hold my head up for nearly the whole duration of the following 3 months. The doctors have a "map" they follow so don't think your going to be going in there for cosmetic botox and a fair warning, it hurts like quite a bit more than cosmetic botox (heck it costs a lot more also.) But if you truly suffer from chronic migraines and you have a skilled doctor and you communicate with each other, the two of you can find what works best for you. I have been receiving them for approximately 3 years now, with about 3 or 4 missed treatments, and I can definitely tell when I'm about up for another treatment. My migraines are so debilitating though I still take 400mg of topiramate daily and use sumatriptan injections.

Juvederm, Botox and Collagen

Will collagen supplements help my Juvederm and Botox last longer?
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