20 Years Old, Tummy Tuck

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I'm having surgery with Dr Welsh in Nebo, NC. I'm...

I'm having surgery with Dr Welsh in Nebo, NC.
I'm excited and hope to get the results I want. He seems confident I will do great. I had surgery scheduled for last month with another doctor but cancelled the day before because of some issues. I have been stalking this app for a while and I would love to take this journey with others who can offer advice along the way! :)
No kids-- don't want children. I'm burnt out since my parents have done foster care.

Some before photos!

I'm actually super bloated right now because it's that time of the month... and Easter dinners! Lol. Just wanted to upload some before photos!

Nervous!! Any advice? Suggestions?

My surgery is almost here and I'm actually really getting nervous because I'm worried I wouldn't get the results I want... anybody else go through this? Any advice or last minute tips for things I should buy or have close by before or after surgery? I am having it on Thursday so not too much longer to wait!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I wanted to take one last round of before photos even though I'm bloated from dinner and my period lol. I'm a bit nervous and hope I made the right decision. Everyone's been giving me a hard time and it's hard to always ignore them. Anyone have any last minute tips?

Yay! 1 hour post

I'm not in too much pain yet, a bit of a dull ache atm. Jut chilling on the recliner with my drains!

I'm all padded up! Lol

I'm actually doing super well.... my back hurts more than anything else right now. I got back to see Dr. Welsh again tomorrow morning. Complete Laser Clinic is awesome, their staff is great and Dr Welsh is great. I haven't seen my results yet but I'm anxious. :)

The pain after relaxing...

If I sit down or lay down I regret it the moment I try to get up. I have been walking a lot since surgery but I'm worried about irritating the incision or scar and stretching it out. Any tips? Please help. I don't want to lay down because I know my pain will be nearly unbearable when I get up. Also. I'm taking my pain medicine every 4 hours.

Loving the results so far!!! But stretch marks?

The only thing is... I didn't have stretch marks going into the surgery and now it looks like I'm covered in them!? Is this normal... will they fade? I'm a bit worried

1 day post op

Very swollen and full of fluid but I'm flat!!!

Sick sick sick:(

Feeling sick on my stomach. All this medication just makes me want to throw up:( lots of back pain. I'm trying to wean off the pain medicine, I've lowered the amount and dosage I take. I also keep getting a sharp stabbing sensation on my left side like the stitch gets bunched up in the pad but... hoping for the best. I walked down the steps today and I think that was a mistake. Follow up Monday.

Hate these drains:(

Ugh. These drains reproving me crazy. One of them keeps getting caught up on the pad inside my garment and it almost feels like it's halfway out.... can't wait for the follow up.

Day 3 worst yet

My back is what's really hurting me. I can barely walk without having to stop because my back wants to give out. Also, I accidentally pulled on of the drains out. Oops that also doesn't feel very good. Follow up tomorrow morning.

Now the drain has actually pulled out

Worried about what my PS will say but ... we'll see.

Back pain

Went for my follow up, my back is horribleeee right now. I am trying to stand straight. He took my drains out today! Dr Welsh is awesome! I made the right choice for sure.
Everything is tight and flattened. Just can't wait for the swelling and bloated feeling to disappear and this aweful back pain.

Omg so swollen

I'm sooooo swollen today. But look at these results already. My belly button looks a bit gross but still has lots of sutures!

Swollen but happy

I've stopped wearing the compression garment as much. So I'm a bit swollen. Still very happy so far! Belly button is scanned up but will look great when it heals!! 2 weeks post op!:)

Steri Strips are not my friend

My PS told me to avoid getting them wet and to let them stay on as long as possible... because they fall off.. they didn't stay on one day because they rubbed against my shorts and that was the end. Lol.

Bought my first pair of Spanx?!

I'm super swollen because i haven't been wearing a compression garment or anything the past 4 days or so... plus end of the day =bloat. Yet I'm still extremely satisfied with what I see!
Can't wait to get the final results months and months down the road!
Nebo Plastic Surgeon

Dr Welsh is great. He's so thorough and will get everything as perfect as possible. He has great bedside manner and doesn't drop you when the surgery is done. He will answer any and all questions and concerns... couldn't have picked a better doctor!

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