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Hi everyone ! I'm looking to get a Brazilian butt...

Hi everyone ! I'm looking to get a Brazilian butt lift but I don't think I have enough fat to transfer . I'm 5'1 120 pounds and petite so my next option is butt implants ! Been doing some research around NC to find the perfect cost and surgeon! I am scared about the implants bc like every woman, you want the natural curvy look! And I do want it to feel soft and real! Hopefully I can get some suggestions ! Hope to hear from you guys !

Found a doctor

I think I found my doctor guys ! I've been doing a lot of research on Dr Sergio Alvarez! He seems great on his BBls and his pricing is good too.

Dr Alvarez consultation

I sent my pictures in for Dr Alvarez and they can do it but my results wouldn't be major bc I don't have a lot of fat:( I refuse to spend a lot on money and not get a big difference in results. I asked if I should gain weight and they said they don't recommend his patients doing that :( now I feel bummed . Any suggestions ladies ?
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