The Worst Mistake - North Carolina

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It's been since 2006 and I got them done in N...

It's been since 2006 and I got them done in N.C. from a Dr. who uses Mentor.... I am sick every day. I can hardly walk up the stairs, sensitive to light, pains in my joints.. I never ever had these problems before.. I urge everyone DON'T DO IT! Once I get a loan I'm getting them out A.S.A.P.

I can't take the everyday pain! I have a 2 year old who has no idea why mommy is always feeling sick! Sound familiar people who had this surgery? I don't drink or smoke, I also eat healthy... I'm 146 and 57 I have always been active until after I did this to my body! What were we thinking? Putting silicone in our Body? What happens when u put anything in water? It brakes down, the body is not meant for this! It's not forever, like I thought... I just want THEM OUT NOW

PLEASE DON'T DO IT..... IF U KNEW HOW SICK I AM U WOULD NEVER DO IT... I FEEL LIKE I HAVE THE WORST FLU EVERYDAY! Please eat well, be safe and stay away from this garbage....

Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Dr.s don't tell u the bad things... Only how your going to look and feel, they don't tell u your going to get sick!

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