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First consultation with Dr. Law was on March 4th....

First consultation with Dr. Law was on March 4th. He recommends, because of my build and active lifestyle (Fitness is my business) that I go with 255cc high cohesive sientra implants - round and moderate profile. I trust him, because I like his work :) But, now I'm worried that 255 is going to be too small?

I will update more later. Pre-op appointment is on the 18th!

My "before" pictures

I have a large social media following so I'm not going to risk posting "bare chest" pictures on here. :( Sorry!

Athletic build, 5'4", fluctuate between 112 and 115 lbs. My upper body is quite small which makes me think 255cc's might be good for what i'm trying to achieve? But just so hard to tell! I don't want them to be too small but I want them to look natural enough for my active lifestyle. I want to be able to look modest in a sports bra but sexy in a cocktail dress. :) 32AA now. Trying to achieve a Full C (maybe even a small D?)

Boob inspiration pictures :)

This is what I'm trying to achieve

Surgery yesterday! (March 29th!)

It's done! I went with Sientra round, 280cc high profile, textured implants and I can tell they are PERFECT for my petite size and athletic build. Just a little sore right now but definitely way better than I thought it was going to be! Staying on top of my pain meds just to make sure. :) I think the hardest part about recovery for me is not doing any exercise for 2 weeks. ;) but it will be worth it!

Dr. Law and his staff were more than FANTASTIC! I felt so at ease and so comfortable in his facility. He is definitely a perfectionist and truly cares about achieving the MOST natural-looking result for your body.

Will update more later on recovery. :)

Post op day 3

I'm really surprised at how quickly I'm recovering. The pain really isn't too bad at all! I did have my first "freak out" moment yesterday... Thinking my implants were too far apart and that they were never going to soften enough for me to push them together with a bra but I put on a different sports bra and I can start to "visualize" what they are going to look like. A friend of mine assured me they were going to settle and soften so I will be able to create some cleavage in a good bra so I'm a little more at ease now haha!

The only thing(s) bothering me are not lifting my baby, not working out and sleeping on my back!!! Other than that, I'm so happy and I am glad I didn't go for a larger implant. I think they are perfectly proportionate for my frame!

More updates later!

Day 5

I had to put on a cute bra. :) couldn't help myself! I'm a C! Yay! My recovery is going really well! I went for a 45 min walk today. I was getting super antsy! I haven't had to take any meds for pain since day 2 or 3. My incision under my left breast will have a burning/pulling sensation every now and then but I know that's normal following any surgery (I had that with my c-section last year.) I'm having some swelling in the middle of my chest (on my sternum) but it's going down a lot and my breasts are dropping into place... They don't look like swollen comes under my armpits anymore! Haha I'm also noticing I'm REALLY bloated. I eat super clean and drink a lot of water so it must be from the medication. Hoping that subsides this week.

2.5 weeks post

Some days I'm really happy. Some days I wish I went bigger. But my surgeon said anything bigger really wouldn't have looked "right" on me because of how I'm built. Taking it one day at a time. They feel much softer and look very natural!

On second thought...

Tried on normal clothes with a normal bra today. On second thought, I'm glad I didn't go bigger now that I see them in something more form fitting! It's all relative. Listen to your PS. :)

Bikini time!

So happy with my decision to go with a little bit smaller of an implant! I'll be 1 month post op this Friday! I spent the weekend on a beach house and wore a couple of new bikinis! 280cc's put me at a 32 C and I even own one in a 32D too! They look very natural and perfect for my frame!
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