Natural Looking Face Lift 9 Years Ago. Still Thrilled by the Results.

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Still happy 9 years later. I always looked young...

Still happy 9 years later.

I always looked young for my age but around 52 I started to look my age. I researched the best plastic surgeon in town and had a complete face lift. I also had a small chin implant. The chin implant made my large nose look smaller and balanced out my face.

I never told anyone what I did including my sister, best friend or even husband. I only told them I had my eyes done. It is no one's business and I don't think people respect face lifts.

I am now 61 and more attractive and confident about my looks than I ever was. I never thought I was pretty before but I now think I am the best looking 61 year old around. Other than the chin implant he did not change my looks.

I told the doctor not to make my upper eyes look hollow and they look natural. I told him I was concerned about skin stretching from the mouth and he took care not to overstretch.

Do your research. Do not price shop for a doctor. I saved up for 25 years.

Don't wait too long to do this. At 65 it is obvious what you did. Around 50 you just tighten the skin and it looks more natural.

I do not expect to do this again. I have had skin tightening and botox though. All good things.

Scottsdale Facial Plastic Surgeon

On my first consultation I saw several women who had recent facelifts (just weeks ago). They looked natural, not stretched or obvious. He was also listed in Phoenix magazine as the best plastic surgeon in town.

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