From OH Going to TN for Lower Body Lift, Butt Augmentation, Medial Thigh Lift, Mons Lift, Revision of Previous Tummy Tuck

Hello Everyone... I had a tummy tuck March of 2015...

Hello Everyone...
I had a tummy tuck March of 2015 here in ohio. My lower body lift is scheduled in a couple weeks and I will be traveling to Dr. Robbins in Tennessee . My hope is to get rid of the lax skin and obtain a better shape especially on my backside. Additionally I am having amedial inner thigh lift with a belly button and mons pubis revision from my previous tummy tuck.

When I get anxiety about my upcoming surgery...

When I feel scared about my upcoming surgery I look at Dr.Robbins work. One of his patients before and after pic really inspires me... i plan to print these out to see if doctor robbins feels he can achieve this with me. Then another patience photo of jus the belly button from his tummy tuck work. Let me know what you think?

Preop today, clock is ticking Wednesday is approaching!

Had my preop today I shared my doctors patient pics. He felt it was a reasonable expectation for him to do for me.

I did get more information about my revision of my tummy tuck. He will be taking more skin off the lower front mostly down in the public area. He will also shorten my belly button stalk to try pull my current circle scarring inside so it's not visible, plus this should also help make the circle not so big.

He did say he is doing lipo from my inner knee up and only doing a groin incision within for my inner thigh, said a T incision is not needed.

The saddlebags will be lipo'd and outside thigh will be lifted as its part of the lower body lift.

My butt will be augmented using my own tissue keeping the blood supply intact, the area used is the excess tissue above my butt. Instead of discarding the extra tissue it will be used to augment.

I have a suspicious lesion at the top of my butt and another on my upper right portion of lower back that he is going to remove and send to i hope that ends up being ok!

I dropped off my prescriptions and will be picking them up tomorrow. I will spend my day tomorrow doing school job work, jus try to get things caught up and ahead so im not trying to do these things afterwards or even worry about them for awhile!

I will ask the doc if he minds snapping some pics of me after he draws his lines on me. I have to be at the hospital Wednesday at 6am.. surgery time is 730 and it's set for 4.5 hours . My fiance is driving down from ohio tomorrow so he can take care of me through sunday. Then my sister lives here in TN (I'm staying with her) and will be off work monday and tuesday to help me. I have a walker and a portable potty. I'm not sure how recovery on this couch will be but I have plenty of pillows so hopefully I will figure out something... i cannot lay on my back so that might be challenging. I am a side sleeper anyway so im hoping there will be a comfortable way to lay on my side?

I may not followup until after my procedure since I have so much to do tomorrow before my surgery. I will ask the doc or a nurse to grab a few pics on my phone after he marks me up prior to surgery.

Wish me luck!!!

Post op 8 days... i think?

This will be short for now..because doing this on my phone is frustrating. I hadon't a couple complications that we are working though and should be fine. More details on that when I feel up to typing.. right now jus going to post pics... pics without garment will be at Mt next shower..this evening

Pre surgery pics

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

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