Lower Body Lift, Butt Augmentation, Medial Thigh Lift, Mons Lift, Revision of Previous Tummy Tuck

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Hello Everyone... I had a tummy tuck March of 2015...

Hello Everyone...
I had a tummy tuck March of 2015 here in ohio. My lower body lift is scheduled in a couple weeks and I will be traveling to Dr. Robbins in Tennessee . My hope is to get rid of the lax skin and obtain a better shape especially on my backside. Additionally I am having amedial inner thigh lift with a belly button and mons pubis revision from my previous tummy tuck.

When I get anxiety about my upcoming surgery...

When I feel scared about my upcoming surgery I look at Dr.Robbins work. One of his patients before and after pic really inspires me... i plan to print these out to see if doctor robbins feels he can achieve this with me. Then another patience photo of jus the belly button from his tummy tuck work. Let me know what you think?

Preop today, clock is ticking Wednesday is approaching!

Had my preop today I shared my doctors patient pics. He felt it was a reasonable expectation for him to do for me.

I did get more information about my revision of my tummy tuck. He will be taking more skin off the lower front mostly down in the public area. He will also shorten my belly button stalk to try pull my current circle scarring inside so it's not visible, plus this should also help make the circle not so big.

He did say he is doing lipo from my inner knee up and only doing a groin incision within for my inner thigh, said a T incision is not needed.

The saddlebags will be lipo'd and outside thigh will be lifted as its part of the lower body lift.

My butt will be augmented using my own tissue keeping the blood supply intact, the area used is the excess tissue above my butt. Instead of discarding the extra tissue it will be used to augment.

I have a suspicious lesion at the top of my butt and another on my upper right portion of lower back that he is going to remove and send to pathology...so i hope that ends up being ok!

I dropped off my prescriptions and will be picking them up tomorrow. I will spend my day tomorrow doing school work..my job work, jus try to get things caught up and ahead so im not trying to do these things afterwards or even worry about them for awhile!

I will ask the doc if he minds snapping some pics of me after he draws his lines on me. I have to be at the hospital Wednesday at 6am.. surgery time is 730 and it's set for 4.5 hours . My fiance is driving down from ohio tomorrow so he can take care of me through sunday. Then my sister lives here in TN (I'm staying with her) and will be off work monday and tuesday to help me. I have a walker and a portable potty. I'm not sure how recovery on this couch will be but I have plenty of pillows so hopefully I will figure out something... i cannot lay on my back so that might be challenging. I am a side sleeper anyway so im hoping there will be a comfortable way to lay on my side?

I may not followup until after my procedure since I have so much to do tomorrow before my surgery. I will ask the doc or a nurse to grab a few pics on my phone after he marks me up prior to surgery.

Wish me luck!!!

Post op 8 days... i think?

This will be short for now..because doing this on my phone is frustrating. I hadon't a couple complications that we are working though and should be fine. More details on that when I feel up to typing.. right now jus going to post pics... pics without garment will be at Mt next shower..this evening

Pre surgery pics

Adding a couple more pre op pics of previous tummy tuck

Lower body lift update....

One drain was pulled today. I have two more to go..

Overall I'm feeling better every day and only doing meds in the evening. I'm sorry I have not posted more pics but promise I will.

Highly suggest LBL when you feel you want a tummy tuck

My main regret is not realizing that a tummy tuck would satisfy what actually changes I needed. I did tons of research prior and while pictures and the tummy tuck procedure in general provides great results....if you suffer from excess flab, skin or fat around the sides and lower back...the tummy tuck will not fix this.

It did improve tremendously but the lipo of the flanks which is typically included with tummy tuck to help in shape..it does help but leaves more lax empty skin.

I hope anyone reading this considers this to see if they too might benefit. As u can see from my preop photos I had a very flat bottom... Dr. ROBBINS is an excellent body contouring doctor which loves making natural booties using ur own tissue that keeps your vascular blood in tact... in stead of cutting it out and throwing away he uses it to provide the natural projection for a balanced look.

You might question why I'm so optimistic...and its because my sister is over a year post op from the same procedure... plus her pencil thin scaring is AMAZING....

So far I am loving my revision of my tummy tuck

Instead of a big round Circle with a very noticeable Circle scar...Robbins shortened the stalk of the belly button...this also seems to have improved the shape as well so I'll get pic of that as it heals a little more.

The other revision of my tummy tuck was removing excess skin in my pubic/mons area. Getting rid of my puffy "Ken doll"... so far so good... also more to come on that as well

Finally pics without garment 20 days post op

3.5 skin removed and a little over 3 pounds from lipo

The complications I had after my surgery is I could not pee. I went into doc office next day for cath...went home. Next day could not pee.. and my fiance told doc I look very pale.. I am naturally olive skin tone.

Doc tells him to take me to hospital the put a Cath in me... checked my blood and it was critically low... stayed in hospital overnight and got two blood transfusions.

I think not being able to pee was a blessing.... it is one of the main reason I was able to find out my blood was low. I went home with cath... then went back to have it removed and they did a void test on me.... basically they filled my bladder with water/saline... to see if I could pee it out on my own...and I did!!!

So far that has been my only complications... well actually couple potty accidents where I cannot make it to the bathroom in time...

I hope this helps anyone who might be reading my journey.... oh and im only doing pain meds at night. Nothing during the day.

Before and after backside view

Just realized my before operation pic of backside was not on here... so added before and after in one update

I fell UP my stairs this morning!!! And worried

Stupid me thought I'd buy some new Slippers while in Tennessee...how hard is it to find slip on Slippers? Apparently where I went hard! I ended up getting men's size 8 which were too big but I figured thick socks and them being slide ons they would suffice. No problems until this morning... so im blaming this on those dang Slippers!

I'm still working from home so I go down stairs to get my coffee. My sweet fiance makes me a pot before he leaves for work. I use my 32oz.. foam cup..ice it up and add my tummy creamer. I've been on an u ever coffee kick, notherwise sure why? Lol.

I head back up my stairs I'm half way up and I feel my foot slide in that big slipper of mine... i didn't have socks on so that could be another reason.

I did a face plant landed forward (thankfully) face stomach and knees.

All 32oz...went everywhere my hair and faced was drenched, nothing below my head got it.

I immediately felt that my right butt muscle felt strained...like if you were to stretch or more like over stretch a muscle. I'm sure I tensed up and tried to prevent from falling.

My concern now is all day my Drain is producing very bright red output...whereas prior I was very light pale red. I still have two drains a doc here in Ohio is going to remove them hopefully Monday.

So I call both my sisters (they are nurses)
They said I may have torn an internal suture. They said to watch the output volume that it's not way higher than what it has been and also attention to the thickness of the fluid.

So that was my day.. as soon as it happened I cried like a baby I was SO mad at myself... I'm looking in the mirror drying off the dripping coffee from my hair and face and bawling like a baby.

So put myself back together emotionally...go back to the kitchen for a do over... which i successfully made other up the stairs.

I then broke the news to my fiance... yet another thing for him to do when he got home from work.

It made me feel so bad he does so much already..but his only concern was me..yes he is a great guy!

Oh and how crazy is this???... it leaked through our carpeted stairs and dripped onto the basement stairs!!! So essentially two messes he had to clean.

Providing pics to share my lovely morning! I am very very sore... dang it..I was doing really well before this!

Tomorrow will be a much better day!

Oh and my bright red fluid of the day

It is more red than it shows in pic ...

Drain update from my fall...

So I drain at 10 pm and 10 am. So I drained that bright red drain that evening. I decided before going to bed if I woke up in the morning and there was a lot of volume and still the same color I was going to go to the hospital jus to make sure I was ok.

Woke up and was so happy to see my color was back to the previous light reddish yellowish and the amount was normal as well. I will post a pic of how much better it was the next morning. My sis was right prob jus a very minor tear of an internal stitch..

Belly button revision before and after

Of course I'm still healing....

Cave women legs...try this out

Just accomplished this today and feel so much better at least front the knees down. Just did this today put shower chair in bathtub put pillow on it for cushion since I knew it would take awhile...I used back loofah to suds up my legs ...and the pic I will add it how I shaved my legs.. back scratcher attached to my razor.. yippee....now I can go tomorrow and have my toenails clipped and polished without the tech being grossed out by my cave women legs!! Lol

No more pain meds....

Extra strength quick release gel capsule every 6 hours ... has been amazing! So happy!!! And I just took my last valium.. so those are done too :)

Homemade stent to help shape my new belly button

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

AMAZING ...will provide more details about this amazing doc later

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