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Soooo i've been wanting an invisalign for forever...

soooo i've been wanting an invisalign for forever now but i never got it bc of the price. one day i was on pinterest and ran across an ad ab SDC and read all about it and tried to find reviews ab if it worked and stuff but couldn't ever find much ab it. so i chose this for my graduation present even tho i didn't know how much i could trust it. so i signed up and paid for my first impression kit and eventually got that and did my imprsssions, the impressions are not that easy to do. but i sent them in and whenever they received it they let me know and then later after that they would let me know if the impression was good. but they weren't so i had to purchase another one for $49 and another impression kit came back in and i sent it in and wasn't exceptable again so i had to purchase another $49 impression kit and this time i took it to my friends mom who is a dentist and whenever she did it she hated the impression mix bc of hose different it is also she did an awful job doing the impression on me lol so i knew that one wasn't gonna work either. so they got that back and it didn't work of course so i purchased another one for $49 and this time i went to my friends moms office and she got someone to do the impressions on me with there own impression mix and stuff, which worked so much better than SDC's so i still did those impressions from SDC i just sent the dentist offices impression and the SDC imprsssion at the same time. so if i were y'all i would definitely do what i did bc they obviously excepted the other offices impression bc i know the ones i did of there's wasn't good. so i finally got my first aligners today! they fit good but they're pretty tight and my teeth are sore which means they're working. but i will try to keep y'all up to date ab the aligners. plus they came w teeth whitener!!!
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