42 Yr Old Spoken Word Arist. - Nashville, TN

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I perform poetry live and my appearance is very...

I perform poetry live and my appearance is very important to me. My expectations are very high, yet realistic. I'd like to see my belly pouch disappear along with the love handles. I'm getting lower and upper abdomen and flanks done. If things go as expected, it will boost my self confidence and motivate me to do more shows.


I hope that my expectations aren't unrealistic. I'm 8 days away and I'm nervous and afraid. I'm currently a 38 in my waist. My expectations are 33-32. I don't know how to post pictures but if I did I would. If I'm being unrealistic, someone please let me know

when will I see any results???

I got slim lipo on 6-24-15. I especially wanted to focus on the lower abs and flanks. I'm still extremely swollen and it actually looks worse than it did before the procedure. It itches too. Dr. Marvel, when will I see results? I know it's soon but I'm starting to get discouraged

Extremely frustrated

No results. Absolutely none. It looks worse than when this all began. I'm massaging 3 times daily for 10 minutes, wearing the compression garment and walking a lot. Still, nothing. I see all these great reviews everyone has posted about these 3-7 day results and all I see is fat and bruises. Extremely frustrated at this point

still nothing

Still no change in my appearance. I know there should be something different by now and I'm really trying to be patient. I feel like I wasted 3600$. I guess we live and learn. This experience just wasn't for me I guess. My update appointment is the 14th. I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to be doing: massages and compression belts. I've just over this whole experience and wish I'd never done it.

spoke too soon!!!

I see a huge difference! It practically happened overnight because when I measured this morning, I was 1and 1/2 inches smaller. It's only been 2 weeks and I'm pleasantly surprised at the difference one day makes. Thank you Dr. Marvel!!!!
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