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Hi all! I had WLS 1/2011 I lost 100lb, I started...

Hi all! I had WLS 1/2011 I lost 100lb, I started walking the day I woke up from surgery. 1st I walked the halls of the hospital, then I walked to the end of my street and within 1 month of surgery I was walking 2.5 miles. Within 6 months I was going to the gym and walking 5 miles 5 days a week. My plan was to follow my dr's orders to the T and hopefully not have any hanging skin. (before surgery he told me my skin would shrink back, I was young.) I am now almost 2.5 years out and my poor ta-ta's have went from a D to a large A, my belly has some saggy skin. I guess I had this vision of what my body would look like after I met my weightloss goal, and now that I have met my goal my body doesn't look like I thought it would. So for my husband and my 19th wedding anniversary he is paying for my mommy makeover. I am not decided on the shape of implants or how big I am going to go but I am leaning toward silicone, I am having a breast lift and full tummy tuck with lipo and muscle tightening. I have a very high tollerance for pain, but I am scared that the pain after the surgery will be unbearable. Plus I am allergic to every pain killer except dilaudid, I am a little concerned that I will become addicted to the pills. Any feed back or tips would be greatly appreciate!

12 days til mommy makeover

12 days till my mommy makeover. ..had my pre op w/ surgeon last Monday...I'm excited but scared of how much pain I will be in when I wake up...
San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon

My consult was free so I didn't expect Dr. Davis to spend a lot of time with me until I scheduled surgery. Boy was I wrong, he spent 2.5 hrs with me going over everything! His staff was great also.. I have called several times before I scheduled my surgery with other questions and Dr. Davis' nurse always took time to speak with me and make sure I was completely informed.

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