Lip Filler w/ Lori Lankford - Nashville, TN

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This was my first experience with Dr. JJ Wendel's...

This was my first experience with Dr. JJ Wendel's office, and I am so impressed. The entire staff was extremely friendly and patient, and the building is professional and welcoming. Most importantly, the staff aren't the judgy type you fear encountering at other cosmetic offices. I felt my consultation and injections were done in a timely manner with the utmost precision without feeling rushed. Lori is truly as amazing as all the reviews online say, personable and a perfectionist. This was my first time getting my lips injected (1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus) and she used a blunt tipped cannula which reduces pain, bruising, amount of needle sticks, and "recovery" time. In my case, this meant no signs of where the needle went in and absolutely NO BRUISING immediately afterward. Although I acted like the pain was an 8 (thinking of needles in your lips is painful), in reality it was less painful than biting my lip. I'd give it a 1.5 on the pain scale (she's really good at numbing you). If you're nervous, it's your fist time with lip injections, or you want a highly experienced injector, choose Lori Lankford at Dr. JJ Wendel!

Lip Filler w/ Lori Lankford

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

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