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I've always had hooded eyelids and started having...

I've always had hooded eyelids and started having unsightly wrinkles on upper eyelids in 2010-2011. I've also had congenital ptosis of right eye my whole life, but that will not be focus here. I will be sharing my experience with bilateral upper blepharoplasty at the age of 49. It is now September 4th and I do see an improvement, but also see that my creases are not defined, and am hoping this will change. I am also still noticing some of the same wrinkles as before. My surgeon told me to only expect a 30% improvement after surgery. I also wanted to have ptosis surgery on right eye at the same time, but doctor did not feel like my ptosis was bad enough to warrant surgery. I still plan to have it repaired in the future because it really becomes uncomfortable at times.

Uneven creases and raised scars

I really hoping creases will be smooth in time.

3 months postop

I had some milia that is dissapating to right bleph scar. Scars still raised. Both have crinkles still. The one on right is crooked. Will my scars flatten and smooth? I also have moderate sized raised vein near right eyelid incision. Can this be removed?

New photos

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