In love with my new boobs! Mentor Mod+ smooth round 375cc unders

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I can't wait to get my new boobs! I'm 5'4" and...

I can't wait to get my new boobs! I'm 5'4" and 109lbs. I turn 30 in May and am done having kids so this is my chance to get an upgrade. I always said I would get boobs if having kids ruined them and boy did that happen. I loved my perky A's until nursing two kids and losing baby weight totally deflated them. They are just empty and embarrassing. I am in the best shape I have been in for a long time and am really looking to fix my biggest insecurity.
I went to 2 consultations with my husband. The first Dr. was not what I had expected. He told me I had tuberous breasts (I really don't), to not expect much out of the surgery, and he probably won't be able to give me what I want. He barely talked to my husband acting as if he had nothing to do with the decision and brushed him off whenever he asked questions. Also, he WOULD NOT recommend a size. He says he lets his patients chose that way they can't blame him if they don't like the outcome. WHAT??? You are the professional so at least help us decide. It was crazy.
The second consultation was with Dr. Hueneke in Nashville, TN. He and his staff are wonderful! The office is beautiful and everyone is friendly right off the bat. Dr. Hueneke spent an hour or so talking to us and showing us client after client that had similar breasts and what their results were. It was wonderful. He went over all of the options and gave me his size recommendation and why. He said he always like to give a reason behind his opinions which I really love. I got to try on sizers, which the other Dr. didn't offer. This was such a huge help. My husband and I left feeling confident and excited to move forward.

HELP-I'm so torn on size

I can't decide know this is one of the biggest issues everyone has but I really can't decide on the size. I tried on 350cc and 400cc. In person I felt like 400 was a little heavy looking but now that I'm home and looking at the pictures I feel like they look good and that the 350cc actually look small. I'm getting silicone, under,mod + profile. Personally I don't prefer the HP look. My Dr said he will bring in 350 and 375 since I slight have assymetry to see if that helps. Should in ask for 375's and 400's to be brought in instead? My husband is torn like I am.

11 Days! Nesting like a mad woman.

So, I am nesting like I'm about the give birth. I guess I am giving birth in my own special my very own set of twins. My husband has been deployed and is returning very soon and then I have my surgery. That makes for SO many things to get done. I spent the day cooking 15 frozen meals so he can have one responsibility checked off his list while I'm recovering. He is an amazing dad and our kids (2&3.5) miss him so much so I know they will be happy and busy having quality Daddy time while I get a nice break (yes, it will be a break...pain and all) in bed. The timing really couldn't be better. I have to say though, I haven't nested this bad since I had my first child 3.5 years ago. I am reorganizing everything I can get my hands on and deep cleaning as if the Queen was coming to my house. I barely sleep and just keep thinking of things I can do to prepare.

I got my scripts filled and stocked up on ice packs, soft cup bras, and my front closing sports bras at Walmart the other day. They actually had some really nice ones for $5 so I grabbed those. My PS told me to get the front closing bra in my normal band size but it seems awfully small when thinking about adding all that new boobage to it. I guess I will see when the time comes.

The only thing I have left to do is get some arnica gel and see if Ross has one of those arm rest pillows that a few of you have recommended. I keep putting the pillow off and when I went the other day they were all gone except one with a big rip. Darnit!

Here is a wish picture...I'm calling Monday to change my size to the 400's for sure. You ladies helped confirm my decision. Thanks!

Made the switch to 400cc's....

I just called the PS and asked to have my size changed to the 375/400cc's. Originally we settled on 350/375cc mod+ (he may use 2 different depending on how my asymmetry looks in surgery). I want the 400cc's mod+ for both if it works and only the 375cc if he needs to for the asymmetry. Hopefully the 400's will fit my little A's. He takes measurements the morning of so I don't know my exact dimensions at this time other than 28" ribcage and A cup.

I'm so excited and feel relieved to have made the change. Only 10 more days!!!!!!! I already can't sleep.

pre-op pictures

God I can't wait to fill these in and not feel like a little girl.

A few more pre-op pictures

Less than 72 hours until surgery!

I can't wait! I will be heading home with my new upgrade this time on Thursday. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I have all the meals made for the family, house is cleaned, I have a book, extra sports bras, prescriptions filled, arnica pills, ice packs, and extra pillows for bed. I have read other reviews for months but still feel unprepared. Any other things I should get?

SO NERVOUS and excited. Surgery @ 7am tomorrow!!!!

It still doesn't feel real that I will finally have boobs but at the same time I am panicking! I have been so calm all week until the intake nurse just called to do my medical history for the anesthesiologist. Now I'm a ball of nerves. I am not turning back but I am just all of a sudden nervous. My husband and I are bringing our 2 kids with us because it will be too difficult to leave them with someone at 4am and then drive another hour to the hospital. The admissions nurse told me they are welcome but I worry they won't be once we are there. Daddy just got home from deployment so they are still having a hard time whenever one of us leaves their side. They are 2 & 3 and well behaved but I just want the morning to go smoothly for everyone.

The intake nurse told me she will have the anesthesiologist give me an anti-nausea patch since I get motion sickness ever since having my daughter 3 years ago (weird but true). That makes me feel so much better because that will make our 1hr drive home much easier. I wake up from anesthesia well but worry that if I fall asleep in the car I'll get motion sickness and throw up.

So, only our local friends and my mom know about the surgery. I am nervous for the rest of my family (who live in another state) to find out. I am so happy to be getting this but I know it will be with my brothers and brother/father in law finding out. Every single on of our family members are very outspoken so who knows what I will hear when they finally realize what is going on. I don't really want to hear any lectures.

I'll update as soon as I am up to it. Good luck to all the ladies going in for surgery tomorrow!!!!!!

I have boobs!!!

So I just got home from surgery and feel great! My sternum is super sore like I did a crazy chest day at the gym but that's it. I got dilauded almost 4 he's ago and am truly amazed at how good I feel. I'm still tired from anesthesia but woke up easily and no nausea.

The staff at the hospital were wonderful day. They let my husband and kids back while I got ready and even let them stay in my preop rom the entire time. I haven't peeked but they are looking good from the top. Dr. H is great. He said he will call tonight to check on me. He really listened to everything my husband I asked for and made sure all out questions were answered before surgery. Oh,I got 375cc mod+ in both. He said he tried different sizes to see how it affected my asymmetry but these looked best he said. I can't wait to the progress.

Here is a picture right after surgery.

post op pictures

The Dr did internal dissolvable stitches and then duoderm on the outside. I'm so happy for no external stitches,what a great surprise!!! I still can't believe how great I feel. I hope it continues like this. My husband is amazing and taking such great care of me and our 2 kids. I'm so lucky.

Morning boob...ouch

I can't thank you ladies enough. You are all so supportive and it's so nice to go through this with people who totally understand the process.

I still have to say that I feel great. I'm very tight and sore like a combo of when i was engorged after pregnancy and after a big gym day. I only took 1 percocet each time when awake and two during the night. I slept like a baby which was amazing. I used two pillows and was almost flat but usedone of those curved velvety airline travel pillow that goes around your neck so I felt my head supported all night and I never felt the urge to move.

Dr. Hueneke called me at 6 last night to check in me. He said he used the full hr surgery time because they really played around with the sizer options. He said he didn't expect it but the same in both breasts really worked the best. He is so nice and I an so happy with my results so far.

We told my in laws last night on Skype... the whole family was there so my brother in law and sister in law even got to see. They kept asking us to drive to NY to visit and finally we just told them. It went over well and they probably think we are crazy but they were nice and didn't say anything negative. My husband wanted to let them know so I let him do the talking.

I'll have hubby take some pictures when he wakes up. He has been amazing. I couldn't ask for a better man. My 3 yr old daughter is being so sweet and hanging out with me when not soaking up all the daddy time. My 2 yr old son is a little confused and gets frustrated because sister can climb our high bed but he can't and I can't pick him up to help. All in all I think were are all doing great. I'm much sorer today so we will see how it goes.

post op day 1 pictures

I was able to shower all by myself and had no issues. My left is already lower than my right but it was to begin with. Hope they drop and fluff equally and that the asymmetry isn't accentuated. I'm right handed so I am going to try and use my left more to possibly help my right drop easier. Guess time will tell. I love them even as frankenboobs!

post op day 2

So I just got up to take my pain medicine. I am taking 2 percocets at night so I get some quality rest. I am very comfortable and sleep like a baby which is a huge surprise. I don't have the big boxy or rectangular frankenboobs right now but they are high and tight. I ice them all day and it makes them feel so much better after. The itching from my pain meds is driving me a little nuts so I'm going to switch to ibuprofen for my daytime doses. Ok my meds are kicking in so I'm going to boost pictures later today. Hope everyone's recoveries are going well

frankenboob in full effect

I spoke too soon. I have full on frankenboob. Here they are day 2 after another nice shower.

So nervous I'm going to be lopsided

So I have been on this site for months reading every single profile and review out there but it still isn't helping me right now. I am so nervous that I will end up being lopsided. My left had a lower crease and less volume from nursing when compared to my right. The Dr. said he put 375cc in both because when trying all the options in surgery, that is what looked best. I really do trust him but I am looking at my pictures and see how crazy different both sides look. I know I'm only a few days out so I'm trying not to let it really get to me, but there is part of me deep down that is about to panic. My right is feeling tighter and I am right handed so I know that has a little to do with the difference. I just have to vent my fears because I have read and seen pictures of the dreaded outcomes that really are crooked in the end. My Dr. doesn't have his patients wear the strap or do massages so I'm curious how I will progress compared to others.

post op day 3

side sleeping and "enjoying" the twins

Has anyone woken up to find themselves sleeping on their side? I took my pain meds and fell asleep all night and when I woke up I was full on side sleeping. I missed my pain meds in the middle of the night too so I am super swollen feeling and my back is killing me. Is it bad to side sleep 4 days out? My PS said I could lay flat as soon as I was comfortable,which was day 1. I'm hoping it won't mess up their placement.

To top it off last night my husband and I "enjoyed" my new girls and I'm afraid that combined with the side sleeping is just really going to mess them up.

I'm still nervous and dropping totally crooked

They are softening a lot already but I really hope things even out. On Tylenol now and really comfortable. I just hope things start to even out.

post-op day 6

Holy pain. The last 2 days were good and I was on Tylenol maybe twice a day. Everything changed last night. I had a horrible nights sleep with my back killing me. I ended up sleeping on my sides to help but now my boobs are killing me. I am in real pain for the first time. I am back on half a percocet every 4 hrs with little relief. I swear my implants are going to explode out of my skin. I'm still dropping all lopsided so just a bad day I guess. I have my first post-op tomorrow so hopefully I get some good news. Fingers crossed the pain is from them dropping and my muscles adjusting. I hope everyone else is having quick and relatively pain free recoveries.

no change :(

I'm feeling frustrated seeing everyone's beautiful results.

Thank you!

I just want to thank you ladies! I really was in the dumps the other day over my progress and just read all of your comments now. You are all SO supportive and it really is comforting having you all here. I only discuss my progress with my husband so it is hard sometimes. He is amazing but I feel that he is always biased and wold never really tell me something negative until it things are really bad.

I went for my 1 week post-op yesterday (first one) and all is well. The Dr. said they are looking good and I just need to stop using my right hand, rub (he doesn't recommend massage) my right breast to relax the muscle, and gave the go ahead to taking some muscle relaxers to help my back. He said they will only help my progress so go for it. Also, I can get out of this darn sports bra next week and wear a normal bra. My spirits are up and I'm hoping all those things will help get this stubborn right boob to drop a little in time. They are getting nice and soft and I really do love them. I have a few pictures where they look pretty good so I just keep looking at those when righty starts climbing her way back up to my collarbone :)

I hope everyone is recovering well!!! Does anyone have a non sports bra or camisole type bra that they recommend right out of the gate? I know we are so far from finals results at this stage so I don't want to get more than 1. Happy Friday everyone!

day 8 and not so wonky

day 12 post-op

Slow progress and still two totally different size boobs but I'm seeing changes every day so it's OK. I have this terrible constant stretching or ripping sensation in my right crease. It is the only pain I have and I know it's from my crease being lowered. I have to say the worse it is the better it looks the next day so I can't really complain. My dermabond over my incisions is starting to come off so I'll be able to use scar cream as soon as it's all off.

I am allowed to wear underwire bras now so I went shopping and bought two bras. One 32DDD and one 32DD! Holy. They both fit without any gapping on the cups so I'm curious how I will fit once I drop and fluff. It's so crazy to me.

Overall I feel great and back to normal and I catch myself doing too much because of it. I'm dying to go to the gym because I have gained weight and loss so much of my hard earned muscle. I'm not allowed until cleared at my 1month appointment :(

I hope all of you ladies are healing well!

25 Days Post-op

So I decided to take some pictures for the first time in a while. Life has been crazy and I haven't honestly thought much about my boobs except for putting on my Maderma and fitting them into my new 32DDD bras. I went and got 2 new VS bras, one a 32DD and one 32DDD. I got the DD because it JUST fit and I was thinking I might go down a little in size and I settle. Well it looks like the opposite. I am stuffing myself into the 32DD as of now.

I haven't had any major issues. All of my dermabond is off and I am putting on scar cream. My incisions look and feel great except for a tiny little hole I have where my incision healed but not together. It is healed underneath so I'm not concerned about infection or anything like that but hopefully my PS will have a solution when I go for my 1 month on Wednesday.

I feel back to normal except for having super sensitive skin. It feels no different than when I nursed so I'm used to the feeling I guess. I haven't been cleared to do any activity but I have been cleaning and picking up my 20 and 30lb kids (carefully) and have had no problems or pain. I can't wait to get back to the gym and really work out.

I have dropped a lot and am amazed at how soft they feel. They actually jiggle already when I run up the stairs or after my kids. My right is still being stubborn but has made significant changes so I'm no longer worried. Even if they stay lopsided I don't care because the look good in clothes and a bathing suit so nobody will ever really know.

Hope everyone is still healing well!!!!

25 days post op pictures

1 month appt

I'm so excited, Dr.H said the girls look great. He said they are almost done moving into place but will continue to change a little and get a little softer. They almost feel real already which is so surprising. My right has finally caught up for the most part. I am able to work out except running and chest. I went right to the gym and did weights, so exciting!

Dr. Hueneke and his staff are laid back, friendly, and very helpful. They took time to answer all of our questions and I have never felt rushed through an appointment.

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