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I have been looking on Real Self for 1 month or so...

I have been looking on Real Self for 1 month or so.I had saline implants put in 250cc in July 2000.I have lost 100 pounds in 2014 and noticed a my breasts have gotten some sagging to them.I am getting very concious of this in front of my Husband and lately just makes me almost get upset about it.I have decided to get some consults about changing to silicone implants and going fuller.I have lost a little volume not much ,I am 5'8 and weigh about 175 pounds.My doctor said today to get the look I want wont be very perky at my age but as a comprimise I am getting scar tissue removed and new larger implants silicone gel put in instead of doing a full lift,their wont be as much scaring with that.I saw some pictures of doing this procedure and liked the look I will get.My doctor was very informative to me and specific about my results I was expecting.I feel I can trust her to treat me.

New Silicone Implants In the Works Aug 3,2016 surgery date

I saw Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville Dr Mary Gingrass M.D. and she is informative for what I want accomplished ,the sagging has got to go gets on my nerves big time.She is taking out the scare tissue and putting in new silicone gel implants,I am only going 1 size bigger cup size or so will be a ddd.Was going to go little larger but decided against it dont want to risk complications from to larger and want also to have a natural look not plastic look.Glad my Husband helped me make the final decision.He always helps me to do whats best.

size deciding

anyone have 600cc to 650 cc under the muscle out there.sometimes i get confused on size sometimes want to do the right choice.i have 300cc now want more fullness.thanks aug 3 surgery date.

Surgery Completed

Had surgery 130pmcentral and it went very well.Doctor was pleased with me as a patient.She put in 750cc in one breast and 700cc in the other said they are smooth textured,I wont bottom out or dropping they are Natrelle Inspira high profile Style 20 Silicone Breast Implants.I am in little pain took 2 tylenol when I got home and Husband brought home dine in Chicken dinner with the fixins.I have 2 bulb type drains that will come out at first office visit Monday.And every 12 hours I empty them and record the amount for Doctor on Monday to see if they are ready to come out.The staff at the surgery center were wonderful also.I am very Happy and Feel very blessed with the results so far.So glad I found a great plastic surgeon,Hospital said Dr Gingress is a great surgeon.

Surgery Completed

First follow up visit

Saw rn today at dr gingrass office,got the drains out I am so happy hated them but did serve a important purpose.Scars looking well,have some brusing on the right side rn said must have hit a vessel during surgery.I can go back to my regular routine lifestyle in 2 weeks aug 17 thursday, what I can tolerate,can sit as a passenger on hubbys harley ,and may try to ride my own.Taking it easy till then dont want any bleeding internally.Was a good day with good news.I have little pain during the day today.Had some pain while sleeping last night woke me up was tolerable.No Pain med for this girl.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified,Very Informative

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