Nasal Tip Still is Shifted After a Year of Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is something unpredictable, i chose...

rhinoplasty is something unpredictable, i chose one of the best surgeons here, yet it seems like there are flaws after the swelling was going down.the good thing is that you at least fix your nose to fit it with the face, the bad thing is the excrutiating pain of it if you get it done open incision, which they open up your nose and sometimes they will take bones from the inside of your mouth to fix the nasal tip. the swelling on the 3rd- 4th day was the worst because your whole face is swelling down.i had a closed incision which was worked from inside of my nose, to get a revision made from a bump that i had left. that took 10 mins and it was pain free and good to go right after it.recommendation: if you REALLY need it, then do it and take risks, if not its not worth the pain and money
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eventhough he was one of the head certified board of surgeons director, you got to find someone who does ALOT of rhinoplasty

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