Waist of Money - Naples, FL

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I am not over weigh, I am 5'0, 98 pounds. I had a...

I am not over weigh, I am 5'0, 98 pounds. I had a little fat on my stomach and love handles that wouldn't go away with diet and exercise. I researched everywhere about a less invasive procedure to get rid of fat and came across Vanquish. Most the reviews here at Realself were good. 86% of the reviews here said it was worth it. So I thought I would work for me for sure. I was told I was the perfect candidate for the procedure because I didn't have that much fat, and my fat was accumulated on the lower part of my stomach. I did 6 treatments, once a week. I did not hurt, or burnt my skin. It was very comfortable. But unfortunately I didn't lose 1 centimeter of my belly fat :( What a waist of $3,000. I was told to wait between 2 to 4 months to see results. I didn't quite believe it should take that long, but I waited all 4 for months before deciding to do a liposuction. I am very happy with liposuction results (I wrote a review here at Realself). I wish I hadn't waisted all that money on this Vanquish.
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Technicians were very nice, very patient, trying to adjust the machine around me. In particular a blonde one (unfortunately I can't remember her name) really took her time trying to get the machine to reach close to 100%.

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