Is a Rhinoplasty Worth the Swelling and Recovery? - Naples, FL

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I'm 16 and im getting a rhinoplasty next wenesday!...

I'm 16 and im getting a rhinoplasty next wenesday! Summer just started and obviously this would be the time to do it. My nerves and thoughts about the surgery have been back and forth. Everytime i think about it, i think of a new reason to be worried or not do it, then again i think of a lot of reasons to do it! Starting in about 6th grade i was very self conscious of my nose. It doesn't blend well with my face and has a big bump, and points down. I look in the mirror every 5 minutes and just hate how i look with my nose. Although, im scared that after my surgery i won't enjoy my whole summer because of the operation. Will i not be able to do any of the activities like going to the beach, amusment parks, and traveling? Also, im going on a plane 2 weeks post op, will my nose be an issue? How long will it look noticably swollen? I just want to enjoy my summer and not have to worry that i will do something to my nose. One last thing, were your results good? May my nose look even worse than before? Should i wait until next summer since i will be traveling 2 weeks post op? Thanks! And i really want to do it this summer, since i start junior year soon! Also ignore the cost i'm only 16 and not really sure of the costs haha
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