Labiaplasty surgery went well!

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I will update my experience as much as I can! I've...

I will update my experience as much as I can! I've always wanted this done because I hated the way my labia hung almost an inch or more out and I couldn't enjoy sexual activities because I was always worried about the appearance. I went in at 11 am and was done by 2. Here's a picture I just took. Ask any questions! Will update this as my experience goes on. I did the wedge method and there is dissolvable stitches. I just applied my first coat of Neosporin. No swelling YET and hopefully it stays that way. I've peed 5 times since the surgery and there's no burning. I thought I would be zonked out by now, but I'm

1 day post op

Today I went in for my first post op a day after surgery. He cleaned it up and said that everything is healing well and asked how my first night went. I wasn't in any pain since surgery but today it is kind of sore and you can see from the pictures it is bleeding minimal/moderately which the dr says is normal but if it gets very bad to call him. I can still walk properly and sit/stand and pee fine. After my appointment I did some shopping and had lunch then came home and took a pain pill and stool softener (since i haven't had a bowel movement) and passed out. I'm cleaning with peroxide and Q-tips each time I pee and I'm putting Neosporin on it a few times a day also.

I will get you guys a "before picture uploaded" as soon as I can. You guys will be so surprised!
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