60 Year Old Goes Back to Her Body Again with TT, Lipo Flanks and Back and MR!

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Hello Marchers. Guess we may only be able to...

Hello Marchers. Guess we may only be able to hobble when it is done for awhile Ha. My day is around March 11- I am on a flex schedule since hubby retired and myself is semi; we get a discount if it out of the rush hours (love a discount). I got all mt projects done this month of January; I am a science writer. Now I am getting excited and putting the house in order too; we are getting remodeling done and will go on short vacay to AZ also so I will be rested but tummy will have no sun. Giving supportive hubby info as I go so I will not overwhelm him.

My doctor is know as an artist- even with revision of breasts (called Mr. Breast by obesity group), works with men with breast by his web blog and RS, and diverse population due their increased scar levels (that makes me feel good since I scar well and not diverse and this all adds to reduce my scare of the scar. He is also known for great BBs after surgery- oh and he is gentle and kind. Great surgical hands.

I guess I am old but my late mom was older than me. I'm 60 but had a chronic illness that prevents me from too much exercise so I gained wait in the middle and now that my illness is managed (hoping for no relapse with surgery), I want myself back. I'm going to post pic, I promise for payback to those that gave me that TMI for most people but not us going through this trip. I am having a TT and flank lipo with no drains but pain port added and those tightening stitches.

Going to the November/December tuckers to see what to get and put the on my wish list on Amazon prime. They have been so generous so I am going to be too. Payback will grant me good karma. I am getting a toilet riser, shower seat, walker, silk undershirts for under the binder he gives out that you wear when it cold, and silk big panties- I have sensitive skin to rough items (have no tags in my clothes and no wool). Of course, I will hit of Walgreens down the way for my wipes, etc. Good to have a place to run to 24-hours (well hubby will be doing the running).

I have the electric recliner downstairs that we are remodeling so I can enjoy it. It has been there for me during my illness and I am so comfortable in it. It has the big TV and a fireplace and lots of windows over a garden with birds and a pond. I have 31 steps to my bedroom since our house is 3 stories so no going up the steps. I am used to a small life due to my illness too so I told my doc I will not do too much and be the best patient ever- he told me he will hold me to it!!!

I get nervous to think of the incision even though I am in science since it is a big step. But my mom enjoyed hers for over her last years back 25 years ago. Funny mine is only a few tho more. She told no one but my two olde sisters. Wish I knew and could have seen the scar, etc. since we somewhat the same. Have not seen what they call the "tummy tuck twin". Hope the best for all. I see I am one of the early birds to get this so come along with me- we can support each other and get to the "flat side" that we deserve. Yes, we deserve- although the mantra I told my hubby is: it will be okay and you deserved to have this and it will be okay--- told over and over for the first two weeks.

Picking up a few items

Got some compression socks that my hubby can have when I am done. Got some old fashioned ice packs since you can reuse them. Made a special basket for surgery items. I am also working on getting the rest of me in order: derm appt, gyn appt, new hairdressers for cut and color, new makeup, and tossing out lots of stuff I wonder why I keep. I want everything to be nice for the surgery time. Our basement is now done on the remodeling and he set up the media really nice for my time. It is all clean and pleasant down there now so I will be able to stay for at least a week or more with no steps. I also finishing up some work that I had on hold so I will be free during this time. I am off and on about it all right now. I get nervous when I still think of the scar but he is so supportive and that really helps. He loves all my new stuff and getting the house all done up so we are ready for it all. PS got some of that dry shampoo to try and that new showers tanner- I want to look nice while I heal. I guess I am silly but it will keep me going . . .

Wow weird moment...

Got my first piece of big equipment today. We already have the poofy reclining sofa and all that. This was the walker. His mom used a walker- oh it was so weird to get the folding walker out of the box, adjust for my supreme height and pretend to need it. After surgery we are donating it to charity- my sister says I should keep it for when I am old. No way- bad karma- hope to not need it for years and years. But it does give you pause to enjoy all we have while we can. My hubby and I start Tai Chi in the living room tomorrow so I can feel more balance and strength I lost with my chronic illness before the surgery. So go away old age moment- I am going to wave you away~~~

Checked with Insurance

I had my hubby call our insurance to make sure they cover any problems post surgery- not that I expect any but you have to be sure. They will cover any that are of medical necessity- this made us both feel more comfortable. I got some more stuff sent by Amazon Prime. Not the usual stuff of presents but it will make the process better. If anyone wants to know of any particular item, just put a shout out and I will look at my Amazon order list. PS got the pads for incontinence today too and put them away since some of the community said you can have some little accidents...

Okay had the bad dream-check!

Just got up from the bad dream. Always have one where I am doing something out of my normal routine of life. It amounted to the doctor having lots of patients running around dragging themselves in the recovery room- HA!!! It was a combo of zombies and cute young things with bandages. Now I can check that off my list. Got the Thermasilk undershirts today and they are great to go under the CG. Light and soft and long. My workup is Wednesday so I am eating well to get my possible anemia in control due to my chronic illness and inherited blood problems. Hope everyone has a good week whatever their timeline is!!!

Pre-surgical pictures

Well this is hard- you somehow at 60 still see yourself as you are around your 20s. I put some music on (playlist for my hubby's retirement party) and tried on my V-day underwear- all new for the fun day ahead before the surgery date four weeks from now. So here goes... but it will serve to remind me where I was and where I am going. And I hope it will help anyone out there on the same journey. Let the flat world come.

Checked out all items for post surgery time

What a weird nite- we checked out all the items from Amazon Prime that came: do not worry, they are all going to charity (well maybe not the toilet riser due to sanitary reasons...) right after my recovery. I do not want to be using canes, walkers, grabbers, etc. until I need it many years from now. But reminded how hard it is to be less able to do all. With my chronic illness and a back accident, I have to make some changes but have stayed away from major body crashes and still a long way from nursing home level. We role played and used each item to test it and make sure that I know not to use the tummy muscles but the leg muscles. I thank hubby since I am sure it was a bit overwhelming- he did get a little uptight near the end. Showed him the pics of me and how to show me them when I get down (thanks fwarner for reminding me of his most important role) and how the incision and tape will look but that is as far as it will go!!! I want to get ready and then forget it for four weeks of pure fun (well have to finish taxes in the next few days...).

All the items fit and are great so I am pleased with my purchases and want to thank all that have posted such great info for me to base them on. Now the small touches like baby shampoo and wash (tear free) and body and bottom wipes, etc. that are okay for body- we are using Burt's Bees for them. They have the scent free line and all are gentle. Then painter's tarp for my sofa and I am even getting cheap grippy rugs for bathroom and around the toilet to toss later. The I got new underwear for the day that are cotton and huge but inexpensive to throw out. Now have to get button PJ with soft waist, etc. that are large and cotton and inexpensive to throw out too!!!

Other items I got are listed below for anyone wanting to know what made the grade and were a breeze to put together if needed:
1) Biggest purchase: Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Easy on-off Zippered Cover -Sky Gray Jersey and with travel bag (we have two homes) and replacement cover
2) Emson 9663 Car Cane Portable Handle
3) PULL ME UP (PULL ME UP 2 Hands)
4) Always Discreet Bladder Protection
5) Carex Soft Grip Folding Cane (I will want to go on our deck and see our garden and birds)
6) Medline Bath Bench with Back, Microban (second most expensive but felt it was solid seating)
7) Medline Locking Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms, Microban
8) HomCom Folding Mobility Walker with 3 Cross Bars
10) Terramar Women's Thermasilk Pointelle Camisole - buy one size smaller; for under CG

Funny how Amazon has lots of side bars of items for a 90 woman!!! Oh thanks for making me laugh when I can.

Well today is my pre-op...

I just called and left a message (yes I am a chicken) to my gyn that I have an appt with next week that wanted to do some blood tests with a lame excuse (I do travel next week for a short trip to the sun of Tucson) but taking blood for me with my chronic illness is very hard. I am not sure I am going to tell my gyn person, she is a strong willed NP and we got into a snit last time due to my increased allergies to toxic products. Now I have an inhaler by my new allergist... With today's appt with all its blood tests, I think that is enough. I told my main derm (not the one where I get hair removal) but I have known her for over 20 years and she had twins and wants to see me get mine first... But are others telling other docs about it? May have to get a less judgmental gyn???

I hear that is a lot to read, so we are going early so I can read all it and digest (HA) it. Will check in tomorrow and let you all know how it goes... wearing nice undies...

Added more...

At the pre-op we added lipo of midback section- see added 2 grand for that; he has no worries about blood supply and it is not much as some but it will be nice. He says we are there. PS we discussed a horizontal thigh lift - both were at my suggestion and not his- he does go in for hard sell. I like him even more this time. The blood draw by Kristina was gentle and fast. I have to go for a chest x-ray which I hate since I always feel like cattle for those items. And we may have to have a drain due to my illness and age- so stayed tuned - it will be one and in for one week if needed. Not happy about that but we want to be careful due those factors. Best to all~~~

Wow this is like having an expensive car in your body: a Mercedes~~~

With all the stuff to buy, lab to cover, chest x-ray to cover, and all the drugs- it is adding up to fine cost. I only am getting a few of the more expensive drugs to see if I can tolerate them since with my chronic illness, you have to be careful. We live 15 seconds from a drug store that is open 24/7, so no worries and they even have drive through (right near the Starbucks for the man). I hope not use the narcs but you never know and they are as the pharm assistant says: cheap! The Miralax did not work out as I tried it two days ago since I am supposed to take it 5 days also before SX- got major dizziness which is not good for me and no extra results since I have IBS-C too. And I have that pretty much under control- I am going to work from the other end I guess with suppositories. Oh well... over the years my med cabinet is full of meds and supplements that have not worked out. I tried to get a sample- I may donate the rest of Mlax to my PS for those that want to know how it goesssssssssss. I should post a pic of my back now but my memory card when in the wrong slot of my Mac and will have to stay there awhile. I fell into the slots when trying to put it in. That will have to wait since we are off to Tucson to get some hugs from our dear friends where one has a worse chronic illness than mine but is so inspirational to both of us- and the sun will be nice too since we have had a lot of rain. Best to all till my return in about a week.

Home for a week or so - basement completed~~~

This is where I will stay with a small bathroom down the hallway for a week since I have 31 steps of two flights to climb to the bedroom and the shower. I may have to take those in two increments and rest in the middle in the living room after that just like when I got sick with my chronic illness and when I broke my back. The steps have always been hard but they have saved my life by making me exercise in my own small world (did fall down them one time after facial surgery on drugs so we know that they are not a good idea at first...). And they make me feel like I can do anything if I can go up and down them. That will be my goal over the first few weeks. But hubby will be watching this time~

Waiting for cab to go to short vacay before Sx

Looking at swimsuits that show off your middle but not so much the legs since those still need tightening with increased exercise. Can't do much of the latter due to my chronic illness but I am going to try to push it~~~ this looks like a good option for the summer of fun. See http://www.jcpenney.com/free-country-drawstring-swim-short/prod.jump?ppId=pp5005791386&searchTerm=women+swimsuit+board+shorts&catId=SearchResults&_dyncharset=UTF-8&colorizedImg=DP0706201517024124M.tif

In and out of bathing suits in front of mirror

Big full length in both ways mirror in master bath where we are renting for vacay in AZ: sure get to see the present body and dream- my docs philosophy is my mantra now: "My patient and I are a team. Together, we define the problem, and then develop a plan to solve the problem. Following surgery, we work together until my patient is fully recovered both physically and emotionally." I am getting so ready. I want to get my body happy again. Less than 12 days and counting.

Ran into medical twin!!! But hydrocod time release??? Zohydro Er???

Shopping (yes, I did end of going) at off 5th. Ran into sales person doing inventory and we got to talking and she is my medical twin with same chronic illness. She is going to have a TT too. Made my day since I have not talked to anyone with a sim twin concepts. I told her they said no worries about the medical side. And on a personal note, I have adverse side effects to most NSAIDS, and aspirin is off due to ulcer so we are doing hydroco alone but it is a time released form or zohdro ER. Has anyone taken this??? That is a long time to be sick with it if there are adverse side effects like nausea and vomiting. But if it works, no pain gap! I have taken morphine many years ago after birthing (1986) and no problems and Demerol more of late with broken back (2010) but not the hydrocod since it is so new alone. And has any one taken antihistamine for less bruising??? My derms have me take it before procedures. It does work but wonder about this.

Before Midback and Flanks Lipo

Well I got my hubby to take the pics of the need for my midback and flanks lipo. My doc said that it was a genetic trait that no amount of weight loss or exercise would get rid of the fibrous fat in these areas. This is hard work (and added fee) for the PS since it is not soft fat like in other areas. This is going to be sore but the result may tie the final TT results for best in show!!! First is arms down and the arms up. That latter view of arms up give you the ultimate back result but now we see how flank biz with lipo will give both the back and TT their final result. Oh artistry~ I am looking FW to fitting in my clothes better since I am only a C cup - here comes my size 14 clothes- HUUUUHAAAA!!!! Now I have something to look at when it is sore.

practicing with walker to do it right!!!

See http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/healthy-aging/multimedia/walker/sls-20076469 for tips on using walker- I got mine w/o wheels since we will be on pain meds or what I like to call, "drugs".

Basement Done!

Maybe a few touches but we are done with the basement- he putting the toilet seat riser on down the hallway in the small bath (but walker fits): everything sofa will be more covered but we have just enough room for walker and me~~~

New hair stylist going to same PS: what are the odds???

I had told my new hair stylist about my TT last time since I will need to have support during these months to keep my hair in shape. Not sure how we will manage in 6 mo but I saw her being so gentle to an older woman so I know it will go well. This second time yesterday, she asks the name and that is where she is going for her redo breast after kids. And her mom had Dr. Pratt do a C section scar revision/TT that turned out better but not perfect. She feels as her mom does that he did his best. Her mom forms keloids. He did her mom's breasts too. My new hair angel said to take it easy and take pain meds as needed as per her mom's recovery. Her mom did not get all the stuff I have but I was a first class G Scout so we are always prepared!!! But what are the odds??? The salon is downtown and she lives up north and I live south. Told her was known for his breast work so she is going to be happy. Guess who I may have to show my scar to??? PS hair is again the best so no worries about all that and it growing now like is used to, a real hair farm. I got that dry shampoo, I use living proof line. Hope that helps for the first few days.

Aqua Eve Female Urinal : personal pee device

Well decided on more expensive but unique PPD, personal pee device. I can use it in the boat later... It is called the Aqua eve Female Urinal. Stands up, has lid, shaped entry, etc. I do sell them. But that would be interesting. It is rec by female surgical transgenders, female truckers, etc. I want to be able to do this myself and not slosh when needed to be emptied. Once with one of my illnesses I had to measure output and it was messy to and from...

Get our Groove Back: Hippie Crop Top

Here is a goal for some of you that lived through the 70s- look at this hippie crop top. PS the only review at Macys is from a 60 year old- HA!!!! Now for the rest of you that think that this is only retro, we will let you borrow it since you are going to be showing off your new tummy and company!!!

Touch Up Temp for Colored Hair: As Promised

I have seen posts on what to wear with our CGs and drains, etc. but what about the hair that did not get touched up but you have an important meeting or you want to just go out to dinner with candles, etc. Here is the stuff of gods- it can be used on the eyebrows too. Sorry it is more pricey but will last forever and day. It thickens too but not in a bad way (like George on Seinfeld's spray). It is Color Wow and I got it a Ulta. Sometimes my days are not in keeping with my schedule and I need a bit around the temples. This does it. Washes out when wanted but not staining or messy when I want it to stay.

Getting Clean

Here is some important facts:
Infected incisions are always a big concern—and a major source of the germs that cause them is your own skin. Shower the night before and the morning of your surgery with antibacterial soap, or, even better, use a special wash, like Hibiclens, which kills germs on contact and helps protect your skin for the next 24 hours, advises J. Wesley Alexander, MD, director of research at the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Cincinnati. (Look for a wash that contains chlorhexidine and some alcohol.) Three cautions: Don’t use chlorhexidine if you are allergic to it (if you have any allergies, ask your doctor
or pharmacist if it is safe). Don’t put chlorhexidine on your head or genitals—it’s too harsh. And don’t use bleach when you wash the towel you’ll use to dry off; doing so can cause a permanent reddish-brown stain. Use an oxygen-based laundry product, such as OxiClean, instead.

PS Goodness, good to know about the genitals- we want to keep the good bugs there to keep fungal infections down!!! I am also keeping it close by in the wound care area of the bathroom.

The Top for the New Swim Look:

See Free Country® Cabana Striped Sweetheart Tankini Swim Top- as I said, I am going to let it ride up to show the board shorts showing my improved BB area- oh this will help focus me on the goal. Some of you have dresses- I will have those too but this is the dream- I will be back to my 40s when I was well and in charge of my life.

On a da oping flat side...

Thanks for all your support.nhubby ended doing drains.nokay. Tomorrow. Best PD

A Whole Lotta Shaking

Shaking after Sx seems to be my default. I also got hiccups which isn't real pleasant in this condition. I haven't had to cough much but my hubby has a cold which makes me nervous, but he has been a clean Jean about it.

Warming a lap blanket in the dryer is very nice sometimes. An air travel neck pillow (horseshoe shaped) has been a godsend for being in the recliner. So has the pullup device (see earlier discussion of the device, from Amazon). We've been using maxi pads along the edge of the CG to cover rough edges, especially around the breasts, since I don't have an undergarment yet.

Bumps in the road: Allergy to Keflex manifested with rash and hives. Thank goodness no itching! Took Zyrtec to counter the reaction and the doctor's nurse had to call him on vacation in order to get a new Rx. PS wanted me to have the antibiotic because he put in a drain during the procedure.

Second bump: one of the nerves that was in the repair area "woke up" early so I had to use my TENS unit just under the upper part of my CG to calm that area. It took a couple of hours to be effective so I had an anxious time for awhile, especially getting up out of the recliner.

Have kept up on the meds. My husband made a great chart! Muscle relaxant (Valium) has really helped. No fever at all. Clear liquids all of the first day, adding a little substance today (scrambled eggs, pudding, rice crackers). Lots of water, lots of peeing.

Third bump: the drain was very active the first day, with some seepage and staining. My compression sock on that side was a mess but I've replaced that one with my own backup. Have to have that backup pair of compression hose!

The Pros: no vertical incision! What an artistic PS! But have not unwrapped my CG yet; on course for shower tomorrow (48 hrs PO) sitting on my shower bench. Must unwrap slowly... Received a nice flower arrangement from PS and staff. The staff was very responsive in real time to my calls about the allergic reaction. (sent pictures via e-mail which really helped).

More tomorrow -

Sore but lots happened

Took off CG and then covered boo boos with gauze squares and sensitive tape. Walking by self a bit around the pool table. Eating still mainly liquids or soft. A few rice cracker so had mini BM. Have not seen in is on yet. Hubby was so scared aboutitcoming off but we got out the yucky Sx gauze so I am feeing better.more later.

Hello from the flat side starting day 4

Still sore less shaking except when husband did not hear intercom with water running and impulsive on. Oh goodness, I don't am a big baby. Have to have Help getting out of sofa recliner and get on toilet even with riser. Hope I can do those two items. He is upset with himself, but he needs to take a phone into bathroom. Long five minutes and I had to go. My fluids were too low. Have a scale that measures weight andvwatervduevto my chronic illness. Going to eaton soft low fiber diet until I feel better. Have such a big bottom thatbhevhad to wipe and place to to zip lock bag. Nothing much there due to soft diet. But no vomiting yet. No nausea yet either. Miracle!!!

Here on day first day PO sharing..

here our front shots. Incision is so fine and I may be bruised but my bak is flat ( next time) and my tummy is way flat. post op withKristinsa this next week. I had a soft shampoo today using no more tears over a laundry room downstairs. No ready for hike in order to take full sheer. Red light therapy on scar today, did it before surgery,

My view is helping me relax with the birds

Our view from the basement window Is so healing we put those films since the birds would hit the tempered glass and then die. They reall work. Have my PSs flowers on the stove but I am warm enough without the stove being on.

Getting daily was again

Poor hubby has a headache from his cold, hopefully not sinus. Used suppository to help small BM. Has to get me ready to go to third compounding place since the third one yesterday was going to compound the hydrocod but was out of date. What kind of harms are thes?.? So back to the far one that short changed us but we will not mention so but he will count the right away. I am able to move about more but still in basement. No steps yet. The lipo on the back stung hard last nite so up time for hydrocod.

Slept 2amd 2 and 3 hours last night which is not bad. Interruption due to peeing and last one to stinging mid back lipo. Will show today. It is a thing of beauty. Brushing going down except fur under arms. As my chef, the food has been wonderful with little added chopped up choices. Very blessed. Like the chopped mushrooms in beef broth with dash of soy sauce. Remember I am supposed to have some salt due to my slight polycytothemia, too many RBCs.

More PO Pics

Did lipo more on my right flanks since I needed it more! Again the artist, still a bit plummy but it is early on my sides.

Off to first PO

He is on boy's vacay and head RN is out on fam biz so it ihis wife an internist, my future one. Heart she is sweet but nervous none the less. Got to get cleaned up and fully drugged since it is far and my first outing and the waiting room will have sick people in it but not Sx ones. More later.

When will we climb the steps to master bedroom and shower???

When the pain meds do not matter as much, we think this is a good decision since the steps are 31 combined even if we stop halfway to rest. Your insides will let you know the answers to make the next steps. Ha!!!!

Goal for incision from the past from my PS

https://www.realself.com/review/Tummy-tuck-feel-like-20-again?ymal=0#media-entry-7715-image-1962 Even though behalf my age almost this is a thing of beauty.

One week Update

Off hydrocod one but may go on a few grain for Monday's car ride and visit with doc. The bB tag fell out and used this can of spray saline to clean it out as we did the drai hole that is covered but no longer oozing.

Covered end BB hole too. hole too. There is only one area of pan on my right side that shows vigorous lipo and roll and soreness too. Will massage it right after each Valium for the muscles is given. No more antibiotic, no more blood thinner, no more drain,, non more constipation and use of suppositories, , had great BM. Went up three steps and down. Sore area is keeping me off my feet as much as I want and wanting to do more steps. Rest today and see how it goes. We tried laying down on side on puffy sofa but it pulled the left end stitches too much for a second so that was aborted. Had weird pressure from comprehion sock on toe that had to be adjusted since court off blood to little toe. Off the big drug means a slight more pain overall but I am so used to pain and it let's me know where I am I know that constipation would have gotten epic if I continued.

Do you just look and wonder???

Today hubby was off doing his retired hubby stuff and I looked. Yes, it still is a work in progress but I can see the final results coming forth through the incision and pain and limitations. I have done plenty of cosmetic things for me over these years of illnesses and final big one but nothing this drastic, this life changing. I figure those years I was sick with the big one one I was just coping, working to keep in the picture, hiding my side effects always, never doing something that would announce a big thank you to God for making it through like others did not and pulling a middle finger to the big chronic illness that got me.Welll now I have. So take that!!!!! I am not disabled, I am not settling for a body I did not choose, I am what I was before hell de ending on me. I am back, pain and all. I hope my ramblings remind you that some of us will kick to the last minute. I am one of those. Now back to nap time with purpose.

Latest One week pics

Arms done first back and in front for second one , miss my tight ass but at least have height and fullness, who knows how this will end up playing out ew/o a middle to hate and fight???

Tall order: best post op compression. Do not like this One!!!!

I have a short torso (mine is too long now)) and I have to breathe ( medium okay on this one) and I am so sensitive and I sit a lot due to my chronic illness, so it has to feel good to the back (this one to flat) I need your input. Send pics, links, we love Amazon as you know. It has to be an early one with lots of compression but will entertain later models!!!! Dress the naked sore girl!!!

Up steps for great shower and sleep

As the title say, it was a big day. We waited until drugs on board and learned how to go up steps with cane. Cane made longer since standing more upright. Shower scary like with our first baby, I did the hand held with our great seat and he scrubbed the head. I get scalp buildup so it is so good now. Wrap quickly to get warm, our nerve systems are on high alert. Then the figuring how to get in high bed with step stool and my extra long legs. Not the easiest. Felt like Polyanna as they brought her down the steps all crippled like. The do not swing. Used butt muscles to maneuver to correct place. Slept my best. But only steps once per day due to overall tiredness and maybe shower every other day for now. He slept next to me then moved to his bed he has to use many nights and then was scared I died like when our baby slept the night the first time. Got off stool softener, gave me gas. May work for you all but not me for second time around like when I broke my back. We are just adding lots oh olive oil to food to keep the slick going. PS hand slight pitting edema in lower leg and ankles, and feet. Sent pic to my sister the RN, And even though elevated, the large amount of fluid in procedures has never really
Not left me so more lymphatic massage, less salt, etc. must keep eye on this event. They look so weird, not like my feet.

No power for 6 hours , had to get ready and dressed for emergency

Oh goodness, and second preop tomorrow. Tired. Off to bed. Survived. Clothes felt heavy. Cold for hours. Lots of blankets.

Underpants or not???

Ar first maybe, could have accidents but we are sans now except on leather furniture. Help incisions swell less and heal more. Keep area real clean with lots of toilet wipes and all. The legs no matter how wide were sitting on swollen area and who are we I impressing. Wore grannies to doc and restaurant. With small liner. Still using open backed gowns mainly. Only pants for these two times and post op appt. You just gotta go with what feels right for you. Now that incision is feeling better, and swell hell has not happened except in feet and legs maybe I will try some sexy ones on. Not sure though.

Ready for boating season almost: needed uplift, cried first time

Needed uplift. I cried for the first time since got overhreated in middle of nite due to my chronic illness. So today tried new suit on and woozy, showed hubby his new wifey. We both needed he uplift. Show incision soon, very yellow around it as the skin heals. Must be in stage 1 CG for 4 more weeks so getting new ones! We think he he feels it keeps down swell hell. Will let you know. It has evened out the rolls on my right side and the bit of swell near my old dran hole on the left of my incision. Wore out the first CG we trimmed for the last two weeks. Heat rash almost gone, my feet almost look normal, ordered lighter open back gowns and more breathable CG due to my temp problem. He is outside mowing the mini lawn and planting rose bushes out front. It is his dirt day. I only rearranged from flowers and took these pics and slept the rest of the day. Yesterday getting new CGs and eating out pooped me out. Best to all my new Mattys!!! You got me through these last two weeks with info and support. Who say women are not God to women? PS crying felt good. Make sure you let yours out when it comes.

Tired day, between the trips, power outage, and putting some junk away

So slept and watched stupid tv all day but took breaks, remember we have to not sit too Long, not good for blood, lymph, digestive : mobility equals motility, ha!!! Then slept again. Then again. Maybe pics this weekend.

Be careful if you have co-morbits: I got a tummy ache!

You know who you are. I had a bad nite since I ate too much which is a big no no for ibs-c. I thought it was something with the incisions. But hubby said it was good to see me have my old apppetite. I was only diagnosed with it only 5 months ago so maybe they fixed it? hhhhaaaaa I also have to remember that I have no temp regulation, other crap I have mentioned before. So mature ladies watch your other med junk: my hubby was taking care of me so much he let his daily water intake go down, salt up with junk food, fiber down, and his top number BP went up and he was not regular. He had also forgotten to do his weekly reading of BP. So that goes for our mature caregivers. Side effect, I got rid of all the medical stuff out, no longer Seattle hospital central in my bedroom either. PS may have to get a custom compression stage 1 CG. Give name from RS in next comment. I have another one coming today so let's seeeeeee... This is harder than getting my wedding dress, which I ended up sewing myself... For 35$ total. Oh the 70s!!!

Trying this CG with SMALLER undergarment

This the one from upspring on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HVKIJ9G/ref=twister_B00HVKIJBE

I got an XL.

See earlier note to wear low over incisions which is really low for me. Worried about boning so hubby figured way to cut 1/2 inch from bottom of boning sleeve to take in and out if bothersome. Ver soft. Ver easy to use. Good coverage. See earlier notes on undergarment esp those with MM. Now this is a L instead of a XL!

Two weeks plus

Here as promised is two weeks plus since I had that tummy ache episode and missed a two week pics, which I am glad is gone! Do not eat like a hungry lion!
The wrinkling around the BB is due to even the sens tape I use with gauze to protect that beauty. You can still see a bit of swelling on my left side of incision due to that was where the small drain was inserted (took two days to stop draining but channels must have been set up, hope new CG will help with this). You can also see my hands are a bit red, still grappling with temp regulation, mainly extreme ties due to my chronic illness. I only put Chamomile and aloe Vera gel mixture on the incision at this point as I have done on all my boo boos for over 20 years. I did get a little wet eyed. So did hubby. See the slight swelling in upper abdomen but not bad. Weight due to water down but still hydrated enough (have that scale dut to hydration and salt issues). Too tired to do a before and after. If the moderator could send me a private note on how to do that for future that would be great. Got undies from keepsake drawer, worn once or twice before big baby bumped me out 30 plus years ago but the are pricey ones. I kept some of that luxe undies of years past just to stroll down memory lane... Note also the yellow streak over a bit of a roll i am still working on my right side. But not bad!!! Most of the heat rash bumpies and redness and lipo bruising is gone. Contractions in area have started allover like a tight fist. Not painful but you are aware. On no Meds now except my vitamins.

Two week plus add

Here are the rest of the pics, I got tired. Still working on extra swelling on my right flank. Wrinkles from undergarment in was now. No bruises left.

Four week check up early

Got in early for 4 week checkup since I had to have some BB stitches snipped. They were getting in the way of my keeping the cavern that my BB clean, dry and fine. Dr. Pratt' swife, internist Dr Sana kept me distracted. It did not hurt but I get ooooeeeeyyy with icky personal medical stuff. His staff is so nice and got in the next day after I saw all that happening. Got okay on second stage but my tummy let me down since it will not stop full contraction, we had a pillow behind me in the fancy car but every bump, every icky thought must have set all my muscles repairing off. I am going to be sore. My second stage is a spanx power panty, high waist. I got the to small one first, an XL, but I am still too swollen on my Back and front a bit, so went back to Nordy's, you order online and pick it up same day, well hubby did. Got the plus 1X that does not roll or grab at my legs. That is how you know you have it too small. Had chat in the early morn by email with Nordy's person and the rolling is a sure sign off too small. Sure is easier to get on too, but she said I will be using the smaller one real soon. I am using a panty liner changed each on and off. No seams and sticky silicone top edge. I decided on no legs but many like legs, I just get to warm down there most times.

The burning of the muscles due to inflam as the healing will cont for about another two weeks for the most part, it is down to incision area now, goes from top to bottom. Contractions will be on the plate too. See PS in 9 weeks unless something comes up. Will post again in 2 weeks at 6 wk time period to show less swelling and better scar times. No swell hell as happened, knock on wood, Yet.

How is everyone sleeping???

It has now been over 4 weeks and I still cannot get out of the recliner? It is in the basement and it seems to be time to move on. I had MR and midback and underarm lipo and am really still sore. I tried the wedges (2) but kept slipping and had lower back pain and with a pillow under my knees, my heels fell asleep and got sore too. I am going to try the Brookstone three piece unit- see pic-has anyone tried this. We think it will do the lower back pain too. If anyone has any suggestions, we sure will take them. We are at our wits end- all I dream about it getting to lie down in some configuration. I have tried my snuggle but it does not work either. This is something that has completely thrown us and we have had lots of sleeping adaptions to work with over the years. I feel like I cannot sleep flat even with a pillow full under my head and help up and down.

Five weeks now!

Still back sore but it is getting better. Still not always walking straight since MR goes into full contraction. Not painful but overwhelming, makes me really tired. Not wearing any compression garment now, may use the if going out but still not out of the house at all to get full rest. Using only underpants with no seams to be safe. Walk the 31steps up and down and around the yard. Doing some desk stuff but very limited. Guess my case is taking longer for healing but the definition of my abs is forming so worth it. Massaging incision with coconut oil twice daily, will show it next week at Six weeks After and using same underwear as the Before. Not much swelling except right near the top of incision but no swell hell at all since still same healthy diet that cores my overall health. We have a few plans in the next weeks but still limited. He loves it, I love it too. One more week full rest. Down to 200 lbs so I will be a size 16 misses and not woman size or plus!!!

Whoops gallbladder???

We spent 8 hours at our local ER. Dr. Pratt was right, the pain I was feeling after the stomach flu was not surgical. It seems it may have been gallbladder.

The pain is under right breast and got worse. May have to have the gallbladder removed. Will consult with PS, his wife Dr. Sana, and get new gen surgeon. Resting now, under strict pain meds, antibiotics until Monday when we find out more. The next surgery I was looking FW to was my eyes in a few years. Not so. Inflamed gallbladder and stones. Thought it was muscle spasm at first or muscle that needed potassium after flu. Had CAT scan in past year July so thought all is well. May have been why I was still so sore. Have great hubby but it's wearing on him. We may have to kill all plans for next month, can you you say dashed hopes for some fun. Basement back surgical center. Riser on toilet, pill charts established. Family told about this one. Getting ready by good diet too. So scared. It is less than TT and all but after TT. And we want it to be as planned as possible. Good gen surgeon. Latest technique. Careful of TT and MR. Wish me luck. We think it is due to my Vit D deft that we have tried to mitigate by being out in sun a bit and 5000 D3. Being chronically really does not allow lots of outside time at first until get it regulated which took 5 years time. Been 10 now this coming Otober. My older sis has really been there for me and I have lots of kid support on this, we said the other surgery was back due to breaking my back, now 6 years out. Hope do not have to have open incision burl apron. Maybe even single sit, thanks RR sister in 2013 that had that done but later in healing time. She says pain is like TT for two days, I just want the MF out. Best to all and hope yours all is not as comp as mine is getting to be.

8 week PS check

Went in for my 8 weaker with PS, with 4 weeks to GB surgery. Only small central lower MR still healing with burning, contraction, and soreness. But boy, the contractions are the most strong. Off any GB pain Meds! The GB is only sore with exertion like sneezing, up stairs and yawning. Can control 2 out of 3! Puffy on ends of incision from sitting so much to reduce GB inflam. Lost now 23 lbs PO. Face shows it and thighs getting better. Wished me and went out to tell hubby so too. There if I need him for gen surgery. See PS if 3 more months. Hope by then all this surgery stuff is behind me and can enjoy summer. One week I can start walking on level ground. Do not to push and get GB attack while muscles are healing. Can lie flat now but still middle stiff for laying on side. No keloid form and it is such a flat narrow line low. Lipo holes are fading too which is good since there will 4 new small slits to come.

Belly button heals with more owwwww!!!

Now the BB is finally healing and wow the zow is in the middle of your core. Very overwhelm. I am so exhausted and sore. No way to distract it sometimes. Will be glad when it is done, must be center of nerve network, so have to wait it out. But thought I would let you know that it is coming. I am using just a little coconut oil after drying it after shower. PS wanted me to use Vaseline but that is petro and not natural.

Gallbladder out!

Seems GB was very inflamed even with a two week rest. Went into my gen surgeon's hospital ER and the admitted for two night. No infection but paibpn nausea. Got out in morning. Some added soreness but the MR is back to working again now that is outa here. Great staff at Evergreen Hospital. Very clean and lots of team work even up on the floor. Great for hubby to have break in care. He now has the rest of the 2ish week recovery. Scars will be a bit bigger due to size of said organ. Eating clear and then to past ibs-c diet and low fat, of course. Just a blip in the healing time. Have a bit of vertigo due in bed for tree day straight except to potty since hooked up to lines. Got one full shower and the short one. Will stay up in recliner for few days and only a few stairs, have tendency to fall backwards. Everyone sent well wishes so it to turn out okay. This pic shows the new holes in my formally new belly. Oh well. Now no pain from the GB being mad as hell. Op took only one hour in and then recovery from my room, maybe TT would have been nice in PO hospital too.

Ruin a new tummy- oh well- more to heal...

Promised pic for those of you that may have to undergo further surgery such as with the GB- Well continuing the healing process after the removal of the GB- it is all about resting and diet. And ignore what the surgeons say (you can eat anything- nuts to them-well not to eat!). But the rapid weight loss is down with diet control- not the way to loose weight or you loose your hair and mind- added coconut snacks since the coconut oil does not need bile from the ole GB to get broken down so you can absorb it! The MR continues down below the BB which is looking okay. Can you say contract down there-wooooooow???

Shape is looking good- helps with all my new post-GB removal boo boos

Lots of dresses fit better and finally I am out of the house for a bit and finally enjoying my TT plus. PS can sleep on my left side but the right will be out, of course, for awhile...

Pants??? Maybe Maternity...

See http://corporette.com/clothes-to-wear-to-work-after-abdominal-surgery/ for this issue- my problem is that I have GB incisions too so I guess I am below the BB for my band~

Found Perfect Pant!!! Jockey Skim Fit

This is for the ankle but they have capri and long bootcut pant too- kind of a sweat/jogging/yoga pant- the seam is above the incision and the top has no real waistband and fits below the BB- yes, and they have plus sizes - not many colors...I got the gray and black- have cotton in the crotch too- wash well too-HURRAY!!!

Healing of GB surgery incisions

Well here are the healing GB surgery incisions. I kept them waterproof for 7 days due to their depth and then left the steri-strips in place for two weeks plus. The top middle one is better than I expected but still have to get some of the adhesive off slowly later today in the shower. Dr. Klinch, general surgeon, did a good job at Evergreen on the big one's stitches and how it is horizontal. Remember they had to do the big one since the hellish GB was too enlarged to use a reg lapro puncture. The one by the BB is off to the side so I am happy and it looks like all will not be terrible scars on my previous beautiful belly. They all have a bit of height but I am sure those will go down as the TT did. Weight remains at 185 at size 14 but again that could change since I am still on a set Low Fat and Small Meals diet until I know that I am doing okay. I will not give away my size 16 clothes anytime soon. My body is now prime for the summer and I can go into the pool next week (had to wait on the top incision due to size, same as for a pacemaker- 4 cms). Now for TMI but someone going through this will want to know: BMs are more normal so that may be soon (from 1-3 per day, reg color and softer than normal but not liquid stuff) but will never test with anything High Fat- like fried food, ice cream, or pizza. Just not worth it!!! They say all over that you will just eat and dump and dump. I need to consider that my MR is still healing. Even had one day that had to use a suppository due to higher fiber I am trying to introduce for health. It was hanging too long to feel comfortable going to bed. No alcohol yet and not sure if I want to do that to my poor nearby liver that had to put up with a bad roommate for at least over a year as we look back...

Can do now...

Can gargle now, can dance slowly and with intent, can garden at waist high,. Hope to swim in a few days. We take so much for granted and when it is super cut off for 3 months, we super enjoy it now. I sill have my chronic illness but now moving is easier a bit due body sculpting, thanks goodness. Hubby has to do ground floor stuff and real high areas. Bring on summer!

Swim aerobics- well at least half of program

Did the swim aerobics for the first exercise after TT plus= did half but had to stop since the right side minus gallbladder had a bit for cranky soreness. But I looked good in my old suit at least!!!

Hubby buys cute top

My hubby for the first time in a long time bought me a top- only size large- it very cute with a drop from the front and long back with lace at the top. He was at a Marina- I do not feel like I can be in the boat yet due to balance and all- so he shopped for ME!!! This is without a bra- still sore in between breast due to GB incision. Now the other side of the groin/BB is waking up and sore so only walking today and not pool time- best to all as summer starts!!! PS love how flat my back is due to the great lipo Dr. Pratt performed around that area. Let summer start!!!

Okay bared my middle!!!

Here is my TT incision with GBs too- you can see that it is dark light dark light on the big one and the others are now flat too loosing their height- it has been five weeks since that "fun" time. I have pins and needles in the BB now so there is little that is not fully numb left since it has been over 3 months since I did that and boy am I glad. I have gained three pounds since then- my new set point maybe at 190 when all is said and done and I am okay with that. There is a fibrous bit on my left where the drain was so I have a bit of pleating at the end so may need drainage of a bitty seroma. And there is a pouch on my right at the end that you can see so may need to redo the little bit at the end. I go in in three weeks before my big trip with a national seminar- may be my last one due to age and all--- good way to go out but will keep writing though. Then I see him again for the 6 months. I bet I may need revision and will let everyone know how that goes. He is a waiter though so that all may wait and wait and see and see... my hubby says my legs are better- exercise once or twice a day (help me I am so pooped!!!). What do you think??? I think the bands at the mid to lower area are lessening but baby I am going to make myself proud- only walking today. Tummy is icky a bit and my skin says rest from the pool please~~~

After and Before at 3 Months

Okay I went through my whole bunch of clothes today. I had saved my clothes from before I got my chronic illness that put over 40-60 lbs on me. So I found the original bra and panty set- so here goes. Nice! Could not get the closeness since I have not figured out my new iphone~~~~PS My hair has very slightly thinned in the three month ordeal (my scalp shows every so much more) so I am upping my fats as of last nite! I had my first nut that was not in flour form- it was chopped (pecan) and we will see how we do. I have already started adding small amounts of plant oils like olive and sunflower besides keeping to the coconut oil (oh the fun time of no gallbladder). Next after nuts is cheese in small amounts. Slow as she goes. I am sure some of you had the hair biz too- mine was curly about a year plus ago- it came in that way - I was getting better and it reacted!!! Miss the curly hair~~~

Okay girls I found the one to push for sexy

So I looked and looked to find one to hide all my incisions and punctures (from TT and GB removal)! And I found one-stay tuned for the reveal!!! On Amazon, one person even posted and I will have to be careful of the middle one staying over the BB incision due to GB removal--- out of sun and out of site is my mojo!

Fun times with exercise wear- matching and cute cute cute

These are matching exercise wear- will get the capri pants also but have to buy online. They are jockey again- good prices and well made. I have not had a skort since High School. I feel so young and energetic. Feels great around the TT and the MR. Now this will certainly help with exercise or just looking good. In pool blue!!!

More exercise wear but from the GAP

I was going to treat my daughter to some items at the outlet stores, many I had not gone into even for the reg stores since she lives out of town. But I went in and now can shop there. Everything body wise is about the same- still some pleating on the TT incision on my left and pucker on the right. Scar itself is fading. I have not gained any weight lately: at 190 still. Go up when I drink too much water/juice. Still on low fat diet due to not wanting to rock the GB-less boat. But back to the clothes: got these at the GAP- yes, and put on stuff from H&M- most is too juniorish but gosh, I can wear the stuff. Funner than just watching her try stuff on. Outlet prices allowed me to have fun without too much damage. PS Hair is now almost done shedding- lost about a third. New hair is about inch in length so far. Will get hair cut now and base color done since it finally came in and grew an inch. Not sure how it will be with the long hair of 5-6 inches and 1 inch hair... part is thin but the highlights help and the color thickens it all over. Volume mouse helps too- I use Living Proof products. It is hard to see tons of hair all over the place. But friend just got diagnosed with thyroid cancer- so mine amounts to a "hill of beans". Hers has already started with the cancer and now it will be full time after surgery and chemo. We shared our hair messes.

Posted a question(s) on RS to see about needing revisions???

I just posted a questions on RS to generally see if I need revisions or what. I have my 4-5 month follow up this next week. I think this will help me know what is what. I like what I have overall but the ends of the incision are not right when I am naked which, of course, is important to me. I have pleating on the left side with a fibrous knot above where the drain was placed. And a slight pucker on my right side. Let's see what the docs here say. Has anyone else had this situation??? I took some good pics and they can come to my profile to see more. I know it will only be suggestions but as I said before, I am nervous to make a fuss but I want to satisfied. Both ends have looked like this since the second week. See earlier pics. No swelling at all. Weight loss and not gain. Good diet and exercise too. Gall bladder surgery but no comps.

Almost 6 months Now

Well the ends are looking better somewhat. And the scar is so flat now and getting so light for the TT as well as the GB! I am walking over 2 miles per day and swimming aerobics on most days but it is getting colder outside so might move indoors. I am looking into breast minimizer bras since my bottom half is doing so well and I have breast that go east and well a lot. I have more exercise clothing than I ever had. My hubby is turned on by athletic girl. This has been a boost to my overall health and happiness. My legs are getting better too. Easier to exercise without the pooch and all. PS I see PS middle of next month to check on the ends. Comparison done with last photos of ends too. Let me know what you think- better ends???

I am so excited for revision and scar has faded...

Well those of you that have followed me, know I need a bit of revision at my ends. I will post pics tomorrow morning with the light (best that I can in the fall of the PNW). It is going to be next month in Dec and it will be not a big deal with local and it will not cost anything. My PS Dr. Pratt will make it really great then. Now the big new is that my scar, esp on my right (left had the drain) has really faded. He loved it. I love it. My hubby really loves it. The left will follow. We all agreed it was a non-scar scar. I was really good in Hawaii and did not even let my GB scars get the sun. I was so nervous I would have to pay something, go into big surgery, and it would be a big deal. Happy dance!!! I will look good naked as I do with clothes on. And have lost 2 of the 5 I gained after getting better from GB loss. And I am feeling so healthy!!! Love the athletic clothes that I get to wear now. Best thing that has happened to fashion EVER!!!

Here 7 plus months pics!!!

Well here are the pics- even wore no undies for a bit so there is not wrinkly skin- see explanation on last report as copied here- every day I get more excited to move on to perfection:
Well those of you that have followed me, know I need a bit of revision at my ends. I will post pics tomorrow morning with the light (best that I can in the fall of the PNW). It is going to be next month in Dec and it will be not a big deal with local and it will not cost anything. My PS Dr. Pratt will make it really great then. Now the big new is that my scar, esp on my right (left had the drain) has really faded. He loved it. I love it. My hubby really loves it. The left will follow. We all agreed it was a non-scar scar. I was really good in Hawaii and did not even let my GB scars get the sun. I was so nervous I would have to pay something, go into big surgery, and it would be a big deal. Happy dance!!! I will look good naked as I do with clothes on. And have lost 2 of the 5 I gained after getting better from GB loss. And I am feeling so healthy!!! Love the athletic clothes that I get to wear now. Best thing that has happened to fashion EVER!!!

Revision Surgery in 10 days!!!

Now I am getting nervous about my little revision surgery coming up in 10 days. It is supposed to be revision of a folded end (left side) and small pucker (right side). We finally have moved to our dream house and have been here 4 weeks and the boxes are getting less prominent but we are not young like our last house move so it is taking time and money (house rich, cash poooooooor). So Iost some weight but it has come back with all my desk work this past week. So now am same weight. My chronic illness surged a bit but I am feeling better- a cold hit me so that did not help. It is freezing here and am glad for new place as you can see by the photos. That is the powder room. The incision is so faded and now soft and the area is less numb. By me looking at the pics and now you, the need for the revision is even more striking. I want to be smooth all the way. My PS is covering any costs and it is supposed to be minor without general anesthesia and only local...But will it hurt? How will my Christmas be affected? Will I have to do major drugs or bed time??? Let me know those of you that have had revision of the ends of your incision- Thanks considering!!!

Two Days After Incision End Revision

Well now it has been two days after my incision end Revision. I have some soreness but no pain. Did take one plus days of a little heavy pain med but now it feels only sore when you press on it. There was a slight bit of bleeding but nothing much. Had to stay out of shower for 48 hours so hubby washed my hair in our new kitchen sink area and I used a hand towel elsewhere and new undies and nighty. The results I showed to my hubby- the incision is a bit longer but no by much and it all seems to already lay very FLAT!!! Gone are rolls on my left side and the pucker on my right. Dr. Pratt is so talented. I wish I could have more done by him but I am oldie moldie~~~It was hard to go backwards a bit but I think it will be worth it. In six months time, I will come back and show off my non-scar scar with revision again. I am so lucky and this has been an exciting time for me and this was my Christmas present to me. Now I have to make sure I keep moving (did on the last one plus days of his doing revision- immobility is death to our systems!!!). But not do too much. So happy holidays to all and to all a good rest!!!

4 days Healing of Revision of Incision Ends with Tummy Tuck

Well it has been now 4 days since my revision. I see that there are more revisions you can find on RS. I see them in my feed. But mine is so much more slight than those. But I know that I should post how this goes since this may be the usual as per notes from some of the PSs on this site, including the one where I ask about revision.

I have a little soreness but not really any pain. This is a walk in the park to what I had before since the redo is only skin deep! And now feel itchiness and skin tightening already on both sides, which took longer last time to come on. I let myself massage a bit to reduce the itchiness but not scratching!!! I am using a red light LED (off a trouble light setup) to improve healing twice a day for 15 minutes each side, drying it on low with a blow dryer after my shower to keep in dry and less risk of infection. No soap on the area, instead I spray saline solution on both sides and leave it for a few minutes to again reduce any infection risk. I am now sleeping on my side (both of them) but I waited a few days to do this, which was the hardest part of the revision. I think both sides are about an inch longer with the overall incision but how I heal, I may not see these ends in a few months. I was so worried since many had more big deal revisions than mine and I was not feeling ready for what could come. I can feel the flatness on each side. I am getting okay with it being longer, having to do a bit more to get perfection, and trying to be patient with the overall results. Will keep posting since there is a lot of more intensive revisions unlike mine done with valium, local anesthesia, and no surgical suite.

As I take the pics, I notice a bit of swelling but no bruising. There is more dried blood on my left side that had the slight rolls of skin since I bet that was more involved in the revision.

Two Weeks After Revision of Incision Ends with Tummy Tuck

Wow it sure itched as it healed. Some soreness and a little bruising noted after the tape fell off on both sides. I used gold surgical scissors from before that I disinfect to cut off the loose ends of the tape over time. I am using waterproof Nextcare bandaids as before over the incision most of the time. Still doing some red light and aloe vera gel too. Looks flat and great overall though. Very pleased!!! Still kind of ooey feeling though since not sure what to expect.

woops forgot closeup of right side fixed pucker

Been almost a year...

Been almost a year- I have gained a little weight, about 5 lbs but it is not that noticeable. I have almost no coloration of the scar except for the ends that are still healing a bit from last month redo. I have an excellent result on the pucker and the folding is much better too but they will need months before I could say how it is on both. I am glad I did it all. I have about 95% of feeling in the area with a bit of loss around the belly button area still. I still get a little sore when I work my core but my body is loving my working out. Had a bit of a break with a move and my hubby getting sick too (GB problems and just had it out last week- maybe catching???). I will post pics on March 3, 2017 so we can all see the great work my PS did. I would love to do a bit more lipo but age 62 it maybe crazy to do it. I would love to do a bit on the front of my underarms and between my legs at the top. I had such good results on my back and flanks but my hubby might not understand my need to do it. We will just have to see since he would have to take care of me and I would have to have the same surgeon for sure.

One Year Pics- early due to vacay!!!

Going out of town to see how the body looks in all my new clothes... so here goes.


This is the year of sexy back and FRONT!!! Here I am past way past my one year mark for PS and just past one year for the GB surgery. I am still covering with the swimsuit the front one plus inch scar from the GB since it was 10Xs as big as normal. The scar has lighted but has a slight height (my hubby has matching scar since he had a GB infectio 3 months after me- go figure!!!). I still want to get my underarms done both front and back and between my legs at the top with lipo. But I have a hard two months with my chronic illness so maybe not yet~~~ good luck to all and thanks again to Dr. Pratt and Staff.
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Had consultation with Dr. Pratt at his spotless surgical center. Really nice work so far as by his book. Gentle hands. Later appts and talks on phone to get my precise meds down pat went well too. No worries! Got hug on my post op (in robe my hubby says I should mention). Please look over my work and see why he was chosen. He is the BEST!!! He did a bit of revision with local but it is only to make it an excellent result. Will post results over time. Overall it is as if I never even had surgery. Except boy do I look and feel so much better!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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