From 34 DDD to ? 34 C

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I am planning a reduction for early Jan I hope. I...

I am planning a reduction for early Jan I hope. I am currently looking up docs etc. i live in a small town and on the cal/nevada border and have to stay in cal for insurance. Most Docs are 2 hrs away.
I have been reading tons of posts here and it has been a huge help in preparing.
I did get qualified a few years ago but chickened out!! I was planned early this year but then they said they didn't cover my insurance at the docs so I cancelled.
Glad I did. I have gone from 34 DD to 34 G since early this year. I am 45 and in menopause due to hysterectomy about 7 yrs ago. I have read that yep your boobs can grow during menopause and yes they have grown.
I can't wait to get this done, I like to be active I used to like running but that's not an option. I go to a music festival every year and have to stop dancing as the boobies jiggle too much, even in the giant granny bras.
I recently got fitted and was a G. Wow !!

I have a few trips planned in feb so am hoping to get this done before then with time for recovery. I can't get a surgery till after Xmas due to my job. I am self employed.

I have been wondering if 4 weeks is enough time before I go to a convention followed by a 3 day workshop. I am a photographer.

I have also been looking up the laser bra technique in so cal. It appears that there may be less recovery to deal with ?? There is no nipple cutting etc. Would love to know if anyone has done this laser stuff and if it's a faster recovery.

Went for consult

Went for consult yesterday, nearest place is 1hr 20 mins away. Office staff were nice and the doc was great. He said he wees no problems with getting this through insurance and we set a tentative date for Feb 19th. I was thinking early jan but have a crazy schedule before then and thinks its better to be less stressed pre surgery.
I had also gone to a different doc earlier this year who didnt work out as after I saw her and scheduled I was told they dont take my insurance.
This new doc was much better anyway in how I was handled and how he told me options etc.
Total cost is to be 2700 under insurance. I thought it would be more so this is great.

Scheduled Feb 19th

I got approved and am scheduled for surgery on Feb 19th with Dr lattyak in grass valley, ca.

Can't wait

As I am now booked I am finding I am getting emotional. I have lived in chronic pain for years and pretty much gave up sports. It always gets painful and double bras make it hard to breathe.
I am really hoping my neck pain dies off which will allow me to be sporty again. If this happens the joy will be overwhelming!
I am going for walks every day and feel an extra push to stay with it and lose a few pounds so that when I get them done I am close to my goal weight and they can match my body .

Pre op done

Saw the doc this week for pre op. Was told I was supposed to get a mammogram, oops, luckily got that done straight away. I have healthy medium dense boobies. They all told me at the mammo place how happy I will be when it's done.
I am getting a vertical incision, he says my nipple position is almost in the right place and won't need to move much.
Surgery time is said to be 3.5 hours (at least that's what I heard him tell the nurse). I showed him some after pics of what I think is a good size, a 34 c.
I am a bit over an hour from home so I checked out some nearby hotels to see where I should stay.
I still have to do the hospital pre op next week.
I have been making a few trips down to grass valley, thankfully it's a nice drive.
I am just under 3 weeks out and can't wait to be at the other side.
Oh and I started taking juice plus. I want to be as healthy as I can before this.
I am also trying to get a good walk in every day. I find this is one of the only exercises that doesn't aggravate my neck. I went snow skiing on the weekend and really noticed how much they jiggle around. It's time for new bras as the current ones are getting stretched out again !! But I am holding out for post op.
Funny thing is when I tell people no one says I shouldn't do this :))

Supposed to not wash for a week ???

Got told I am supposed to not shower and stay in post op bra for a week, how stinky would that make you!!! I asked if i can change midweek and I think they say I can if I buy a second bra, yes please. I am definitley washing parts of me. No way a week post op.
Surgery in two weeks.
Thankfully I am super busy and the time is going fast.

Feeling thankful

As I am less than a week away I am reflecting on mow much my big boobs have got in the way of my life.
I don;t do specific movements in sports as it is not comfy and hurts my already injured neck.
I choose clothes based on hiding and minimizing the size and not on if I truly like them, my wardrobe is sooooo boring.
I use them as a crutch to not do things, but they are truly in the way as I love to be active.
I always feel awkward hugging males that aren't my husband as I know that they are getting a good feel. I always hold back a little.
I used to walk with poor posture to hide them.
I really don't enjoy when my chest bumps people accidently.

I am so thankful for modern medicine and that I am privlidged enough to do this.

I really feel this to be a massive life changer and a sense of freedom to be my true self.


I have been eating as clean as possible and I am going almost daily for walks in the mountains where I live. Every time I want to run!!!
I have had chronic neck pain for almost 20 years!! I have had 3 whiplashes and always thought that was the main cause as my neck never really healed.
I love exercise and always find at the 3 week mark I have severe pain in neck and shoulders and have to stop.
I have found that walking for about an hour is the only exercise I can do daily without effecting my neck and shoulders. I love to move but frequently stop as the bounce kills.. I used to double bra but then you can't breathe !! Those "sports" bras just make your boobs into a giant tire and I found it put more stress on my neck.
I am mostly looking forward to freedom to move however I want and without pain.
I read about all the people who no longer have pain and headaches and truly hope I can say that 6 months from now.
If I am freed from my chronic pain ........ ummm I would be on the happiest high ever and would be back at all the sports I love.

Surgery tomorrow

At hotel, gonna be here about 3 nights.
Got my surgery markings done and surgery is at 7:30 am tomorrow. So far not nervous yet.
Will check in again in a day or so

On my wau

Arriving at hospital

Post op

I got 400 on left and 300 on right. Pain is not bad at all . So far this is not too bad. I did need triple nausea drugs and the I got the patch as well.
The compression bra is def tight but they are secure in there.
I am enjoying how chill my pain meds make me feel
Oh and I can now see my waist !


Here's some pics


I am 6 days PO and slept horribly last night.
I am wearing a compression bra and I feel so squished!! It's impossible to get comfy. I have doc appt tomorrow, I think he said 6 weeks 24/7! And I hope my memory is correct that I can get a looser one tomorrow.

Post op doc appt

Went in got steri strips removed there is a minor opening on left nipple but he put fresh steri strips on, I have mild feeling in nipples and he says when swelling goes down I will be a c !!!
Also got to take a break from the compression bra with a soft one I brought just in case
Turns out I have some bruising right on my rib cage where it hurt. I'll still wear it daytime as this stretchy thing I am wearing doesn't feel safe yet.
Got my hair washed by a hairdressers and I am now cleared for showers
I think I'll sleep better as my rib spots have no pressure on them tonight
I washed the surgery bra to wear tomorrow
Feeling good
Wanna be super careful so the nipple hole heals and doesn't grow

10 days out

Doing great taking it slow

Small incision opening

I am assuming this is nothing to worry about

Healing nicely

I went and tried on bras today at about 2.5 weeks post op. I am currently between a 34 C-D. So I guess I will end up a C as my doc said wait 3 months, so almost there in size.
I also bought a couple of tops NOT in black, navy blue or dark brown !!
I am still sore 24/7, my incisions are about 1/2 way closed so that's great.
I also got a new haircolor on the weekend to go with the new me !!
I am back working part time, I work for myself so not hard !!

Feeling awesome

who else post op now has no idea what clothes to buy !!
I have looked a few times and now I have soooooo many options to create a new style, I am not sure. Before it was simple, Vneck cotton fitted top usually in some form of a dark color. bras... there were about 2/3 styles that fit and that was it. Dresses.... forget about it. Swinsuits had to be ordered online.
Now the sky is the limit, I swear it was easier with big ones !!!!!!
Also the stuff that still fits i kinda don't want to wear. I had chosen stuff to hide/minimize my boobs, some things I own remind me of that need.

Now I reayly feel like me, just me. I still have boobs but they don't overwhelm my frame and bury my waist.
It is truly a life changing experience. Your boobs are now as important as say your knee!! You now have a choice to put em on display or not. It's not always in your face.
I see some people not happy with shape size etc.
I did this for pain which is going away, oh and my bra dents in my shoulder seem to have disappeared ? But also there is so much more I have gained.
Plus my spine is so thankful.
To live now uncompromised from something beyond your control is amazing.

Feeling fantastic

I am now 11 weeks post. I feel great. I am either a 34C or 32DD, weird but whatever.
I can wear anything I want. I can go braless and it's no big deal, actually it's a big deal to me !!!!
I can run with a good bra on. My posture is amazing. I can hold my shoulders where they belong.
I can get a swimsuit off the rack, currently it's a large even though I fit in small/medium tops.
I have had no complications at all.
I am working on my goal weight of 130, so far I have lost 6 lbs and am at 136, so getting close!! As is summer and I want to rock the bikini.
Here's some pics below. You will notice my waist was found and also the rolls are less I am assuming as I don't have giant boobs squishing me.

3 months and doing great

I am 3 months post now!!!
I still get the occasional zinger and numb spot but it's not for long.
I can run OK jog now and no boobie bounce, I am still double bra ing though and then there is Zero bounce or if there is bounce it's no biggie.
I can wear swimsuits off the rack !! A first. I have become a bra collector. There's so many options out there compared to the industrial ones I used to buy.
I used to get phantom boob where it felt like the bra was too high up on the band as if the old boobs were there it would be squishing flesh, I just realised yesterday that I don't feel that anymore which is really nice.
I am getting more and more used to them, would love to see the end results without the scars but that takes time.
I am so happy.
Oh and my chronic neck pain.., gone. If I exercise hard I still get the pain I used to BUT in the morning it's gone. I feel younger it's great.
So to those just out it takes time and to those still waiting and worrying it's so worth it.
I have had no complications at all.

6 months and still awesome

My spine is so happy. I have been doing physical therapy to retrain my body with less weight. I found that I was often scrunching my left shoulder (bigger boob) to balance or ? Anyway I almost don't do that anymore.
I went to my music festival and danced so much my limbs hurt. I could jump forever and wave my arms in the air as long as I wanted.
I vary in size but a 32DD in wacoal brand, a 34C in bali and soma
I am also obsessed buying bras, it's now fun
DR Lattyak

Dr Lattyak and his team did a fantastic job. They look great and look proportional to my body. I have had no complications.

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