34 3 Kids...set of Twins...tt W Muscle Repair and Reduction with Lift

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12 days post op. Recovery was much better than...

12 days post op. Recovery was much better than expected. I think being in great shape before surgery makes a huge difference. I was easily able to use my legs to get up and sit down and barely any back pain. The scars are still yucky but i know in time they will heal. I wonder how soon you can start applying scar tape. I was able to take two weeks off work and try to rest as much as possible. Thank god for my hisband and family! Wothout their help this would be impossible as my twins are 4 and the baby is only 18months.

4 weeks post op

At 4 weeks po im finally feeling as if life is back to normal other than not being allowed to work out yet. I did have a set back with an open wound on my right breast. I know its more common than not on breast reductions but it is so hard to look at. My ps applied steri strips and will replace them every week until the wound heels. Yuck. Even with the setback, i couldnt be happier with my results!

7 w po review

My belly stilll gets very swollen after a long day but other than that i feel great. My left breast that opened is slowly closing. I still cant workout which is a bummer but i need to make sure my wound heels properly. My older daughtee told me i had the cutest belly button which made me laugh. Hope you guys are all doing well too!
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